Setting an agenda for creative practice in mobilities research.

Dr Jen Southern (Lancaster University), Dr Kaya Barry (Griffith University), and Professor Peter Merriman (Aberystwyth University)

How has art contributed to the emergence and establishment of mobilities research? How does mobilities research contribute to the arts and creative practice, beyond the academic realm?

In this virtual seminar, join Jen Southern and Kaya Barry in conversation with Peter Merriman, to discuss the futures of mobilities research and how creative practices will be an important part. We bring into dialogue the recent publication in Mobilitiesjournal: “An agenda for creative practice in the new mobilities paradigm” (2023), collaboratively written by 25 researchers and authors, to make a provocation that creative research needs to be taken serious in future mobilities scholarship. But what does this mean, how might it shift our understanding of mobile methods, and how can researchers take creativity seriously as a “fundamental contribution” (2023: 1) to studying mobility?

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