With eleven original articles on such diverse topics as security, American airports, music and academia, our June issue of Mobilities is the largest yet. We hope it makes for great summer reading!

Security or Insecurity? Representations of the UK Border in Public and Policy Discourses by Bastian A. Vollmer
Accountability in a State of Liminality: Iranian Students’ Experiences in American Airports by Hadi Khoshneviss
‘Let’s Have Some Music’: Sound, Gender and Car Mobility by Theresa Harada, Gordon Waitt and Michelle Duffy
Logistics at work: trucks, containers and the friction of circulation in the UK by Nicky Gregson
The aesthetics of aircraft safety cards: spatial negotiations and affective mobilities in diagrammatic instructions by Kaya Barry
On the Way to Cycle Rage: Disputed Mobile Formations by Mike Lloyd
Mobility and professional networks in academia: an exploration of the obligations of presence by Tom Storme, J.V.Beaverstock, B.Derudder, J.R.Faulconbridge and F.Witlox
Resilience, Moorings and International Student Mobilities by Josef Ploner
Embedded and Re-purposed Technologies: Human Mobility Practices in Maasailand by Jessika Nilsson and Noel B. Salazar
Global Cities, Public Transportation and Social Exclusion: A Study of the Bus System in Abu Dhabi by Abdellatif Qamhaieh and Surajavit Chakravarty
Mobility of “the Defeated”: Internal Migration and Social Advancement in a Post-Civil War Society by Inbal Ofer