There is no better place for a research stay than Centre for Mobilities Research (CeMoRe). That is why I came here… twice.

CeMoRe is a hospitable, amazing, and lively place, full of delightful academic initiatives, but first and foremost amazing and cooperative people.

I came to develop my work with mobilities and the spatiality paradigm for my doctoral thesis. Monika Büscher (Director of CeMoRe) was my supervisor during both of my stays. She has helped me more than I would have ever expected. Our supervision sessions challenged me by asking more questions, to be more courageous in my research.

Participating in CeMoRe Reading Groups was a great opportunity to engage in intellectual discussions by sharing and learning new perspectives. The infinite number of available seminars, workshops, showcases and conferences are extremely stimulating to your academic development. I had a few opportunities to present my results, gain new insights and develop a deeper understanding of the research problem, and even re-define some of my initial research questions.

CeMoRe is all about initiatives, touching the new, and thinking outside of the box. CeMoRe is more than just a research centre. It is a mobile net for mobilities researchers all over the world. This is what makes CeMoRe so special – it makes the academic world shrink and science … more mobile.

Beware, once you stay in Lancaster for long enough, you may just want to stay forever!

Zofia Bednarowska
PhD visiting student in 2016 and 2017
My stay was financed by The Ryoichi Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship Fund.