12th October 2016 Sheller, M., & Urry, J. (2016). Mobilizing the new mobilities paradigmApplied Mobilities Online first. Chaired by Monika Buscher.

Abstract A new mobilities paradigm emerged a decade or so ago in the context of significant theoretical shifts, methodological developments and novel research questions and approaches. We begin by considering what is meant by the idea of a “paradigm” from Thomas Kuhn. We then examine many ways in which this new paradigm transformed applied mobilities research over the past decade and how it might continue to reconfigure it. …

4-5PM, Bowland North B37 (Mobilities Lab).

Everyone is invited to attend and join in the discussion. If you can’t be there in person, Skype is possible. Please contact p.drinkall@lancaster.ac.uk for a copy of the reading.

Image: Matthias Ripp