Mobilities: August 2020 Issue 4


Published by Pennie Drinkall

Tuesday, July 28th, 2020

Mobilities: April 2020 Volume 15 Issue 4

To all our readers, authors, and colleagues we  extend our good wishes for your health and safety during this global crisis – we hope you enjoy this summer holiday edition!

Technological change and sociocultural models in China: A case study of train commuters in Beijing Zinette Bergman, Manfred Max Bergman, Christoph Hänggi, Zhao Lei, Andrew Thatcher

Transit Boundaries: Race and the Paradox of Immobility Within Mobile Systems

Gwendolyn Purifoye

Invisible Mobilities: Stigma, Immobilities, and Female Sex workers’ Mundane Socio-Legal Negotiations of Dhaka’s Urban Space – Open Access

Hosna Jahan Shewly, Lorraine Nencel, Ellen Bal and  Kathinka Sinha  Kerkhoff

Make way for the wealthy? Autonomous vehicles, markets in mobility, and social justice

Robert Sparrow and Mark Howard

Journeys to Knua: Displacement, Return and Translocality in Timor-Leste

Pyone Myat Thu

Understanding involuntary immobility in the Bartang Valley of Tajikistan through the prism of motility

Suzy Blondin

Private violence/Private transport: the role of means of transport in women’s mobility to escape from domestic violence in England and Wales

Janet Bowstead

Differentiating the time-geography of recreational running = Open Access

Mattias Qviström, Linnea Fridell and Mattias Kärrholm

Producing Thailand as a transit country: borders, advocacy, and destitution

Kate Coddington

Aeromobilities’ Extra-Sectoral Costs: A Methodological Reorientation

Weiqiang Lin and Tina Harris

“Emotional authoritarianism”: state, education and the mobile working-class subjects

Pun Ngai and Jack Linchuan Qiu

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