Mobilities: April 2020 Volume 15 Issue 2

To all our readers, authors, and colleagues we  extend our good wishes for your health and safety during this global crisis – please stay well and as immobile as possible!

Despite the Coronavirus pandemic Mobilities are excited to announce the publication of the special section ‘Reproductive Mobilities’ guest edited by Susan Frohlick, Kristin Lozanski and Amy Speier.

Special Section – Reproductive Mobilities

Introduction – Reproductive MobilitiesOpen Access
Susan Frolick, Amy Speier and Kristin Lozanski

Reproductive Vibes: Therapeutic Atmospheres and the Reproductive Force of Tourism Mobilities
Susan Frohlick

North American surrogate reproductive mobilities incited by cross-border reproductive care
Amy Speier

Mobilizing Mobilities: Birthright Tourists as Willful Strangers in Canada
Kristin Lozanski

The Im/mobilities of ‘Sometimes-Migrating’ for Abortion: Ireland to the UK
Lesley Murray & Nichola Khan

Canada’s Forced Birth Travel: Towards Feminist Indigenous Reproductive MobilitiesOpen Access
Jaime Cidro, Rachel Bach & Susan Frohlick

The Reproduction of Reproduction: Theorizing Reproductive (Im)mobilities
Mimi Sheller

Individual Articles

The Migration Trap: on the invasion arrows in the cartography of migration
Henk van Houtum & Rodrigo Bueno Lacy

Fortress Europe’s far-flung borderlands: ‘Illegality’ and the ‘deportation regime’ in France’s Caribbean and Indian ocean territories
Catherine Benoît

Unlikely Hikers? Activism, Instagram, and the Queer Mobilities of Fat Hikers, Women Hiking Alone, and Hikers of Colour
Phiona Stanley

Urban Greening and Mobility Justice in Dhaka’s Informal Settlements
Thomas Birtchnell, Razia Sultana and Nick Gill

The Contradictory Politics of the Right to Travel : Mobilities, Borders and Tourism
Raoul V. Bianchi, Marcus L. Stephenson and Kevin Hannam

Image credit: Audrey PictAddict