Mobilities: April 2021 Volume 16 Issue 2

Mobile Labour

Guest Editors: Cristiana BastosAndre Novoa & Noel B. Salazar

Mobile labour: an introduction
Cristiana Bastos, Andre Novoa and Noel B. Salazar


‘We move the world’: the mobile labor of Filipino seafarers
Johanna Markkula

‘Traveling habitus’ and the new anthropology of class: proposing a transitive tool for analyzing social mobility in global migration
Jaafar Alloul

Rootedness along the way: meaningful sociality in petroleum and mining mobile worker camps
Gertrude Saxinger

Turbulences in the encampment archipelago: conflicting mobilities between migration, labour and logistics in Italian agri-food enclaves
Irene Peano

‘Cold European civilisation hasn’t arrived here yet’ – negotiations within the Cypriot regime of (im)mobility
Leandros Fischer

The myth of migrant transience: racializing new Chinese migrants in mobile Singapore
Sylvia Ang

Ageing bodies, precarious futures: the (im)mobilities of ‘temporary’ migrant domestic workers over time
Megha Amrith

Coffee on the move: technology, labour and race in the making of a transatlantic plantation system
Marta Macedo