Mobilities: August 2019 Issue 4

A curated collection on the theme of ‘digital technologies’:

Digital navigation and the driving-machine: Supervision, calculation, optimization, recognition
Sam Hind

Anticipating digital futures: Ruins, entanglements and possibilities of shared technology making
Sung-Yueh Perng

Walking with technology: understanding mobility-technology assemblages
Mark Holton

(Un-)Becoming Chinese creatives: Transnational mobility of creative labour in a ‘global’ Beijing
Jian Lin

Inclusion by Live Streaming? Contested Meanings of Well-being: Movement and Non-movement of Space, Place and Body
Tarja Rautinainen and Sanna Raudaskoski

Infrastructures of immobility: enabling international distance education students in Africa to not move
Markus Breines, Parvati Raghuram and Ashley Gunter

The Non-looks of the Mobile World: A Video-based study of Interactional Adaptation in Cycle-lanes
Mike Lloyd

(Mobility) Fixing the Taiwanese bicycle industry: the production and economisation of cycling culture in pursuit of accumulation
Justin Spinney and Wen-I Lin