Mobilities: February 2021 Vol.16:01

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Published by Pennie Drinkall

Friday, February 26th, 2021

Mobilities: February 2021 Volume 16 Issue 1

Pandemic (Im)mobilities

In this Special Issue on ‘Pandemic (Im)mobilities’ we have invited leading contributors in the field of mobilities studies to address the multiple issues generated by the COVID-19 pandemic’s relation to complex (im)mobilities at many scales, as well as deeper theoretical issues that arise when we consider the pandemic from a critical mobilities approach.

Peter Adey, Kevin Hannam, Mimi Sheller & David Tyfield – Mobilities Editors

Introduction: Pandemic (Im)Mobilities
Peter Adey, Kevin Hannam, Mimi Sheller & David Tyfield

What a crisis situation teaches us about essential vs. existential (im)mobilities
Noel B. Salazar, KU Leuven

Valuing Mobility in a Post COVID-19 World
Tim Cresswell

Mobilities in ‘Corona City’ – Epidemic disruption, extended bodies, and elastic situations’
Ole B Jensen

What is the urban without physical mobilities? Covid-19 induced immobility in the mobile risk society.
Sven Kesselring & Malene Freudendal-Pedersen

Anxious Immobilities: an ethnography of coping with contagion (Covid-19) in Macau
Kevin Hannam & Dennis Zuev

Pathological Mobilities: Managing “Risky” Movements in a Time of Pandemics
Lin Weiqiang and Brenda Yeoh Saw Ai

Quarantine Map Talks: Grasping the Multifaceted Existence of Cartography in the Covid-19 Pandemic
Andrea Pase, Lauro Lo Presti, Tania Rossetto, Giada Peterle

De-confine Borders: Towards a Politics of Freedom of Movement in the Time of the Pandemic
Charles Heller

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