The second of our curated issues focusses on transport mobilities on land, sea and air; fast and slow:

The Velo-rution will not be ruralised: bicycle advocacy beyond the city limits
Jai Cooper and Terry Leahy

Hanoi on wheels: Emerging automobility in the land of the motorbike
Arve Hansen

A Viscous Cycle: Low Motility amongst Phnom Penh’s Highly Mobile Cyclo Riders
Laurie Parsons

The Microsociology of Automobility: The Production of the Automobile Self
Richard Randell

Road Less Traveled: Race and American Automobility
Michael Pesses

Aero-automobility: getting there by ground and by air
Julie Cidell

An Ideal Journey: Making Bus Travel Desirable
William Clayton, Juliet Jain and Graham Parkhurst

Mobile Encounters: Bus 5A as a cross-cultural meeting place
Lasse Martin Koefoed, Kirsten Simonsen and Mathilde Dissing Christensen

‘Super Simple Stuff?’: Crafting quiet in trains between Newcastle and Sydney
Ainsley Hughes, Kathleen Mee and Adam Tyndall

To build or not to build? Competing narratives of high-speed rail development in Canada
Ryan M. Katz-Rosene

Governing Cruise Tourism at Bonaire: A Networks and Flows Approach’
Linde van Bets, Machiel Lamers and Jan van Tatenhove

Image: Craig Stanfill 

Cover image by Lergik. Used under a CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 l license