Mobilities Lab hosts an equipment resource for use in mobilities projects. This is available for loans to staff in any discipline, and students working with mobilities research. All of our equipment is listed below.

The bulk of mobilities equipment is now managed through an online booking system with through LICA and collected from the LICA technical team in the Great Hall. Otherwise, it is stored in B39 and B37, Bowland North, in the Mobilities Lab. Equipment stored at LICA can be borrowed through LICA’s online system. If you are not LICA or CeMoRe staff, you can message Jen Southern at or asking to borrow equipment and letting us know the following details:

  • What equipment you’d like to borrow
  • Dates you’d like to borrow the equipment
  • Date and time you can pick up and drop off equipment
  • The purpose of using equipment
  • Whether you’d like to write a short blog post showing how the equipment was used in your research/ project



Our Equipment


Canon 5d
Canon 6d
Rode stereo video mic
Samsung Galaxy A3 – for use as audio/photo/notes etc
G3000 HD glasses camera eyeware
720P HD Camera Eyeware

Audio Equipment

Headphones: Sennheisser PX100-II Foldable open mini on-ear headphone
Headphones: Audio Technica ATH-M30 Closed Back Headphones
Zoom H4N Audio Recorder Kit
Zoom H1 Audio recorder kit
Microphones: soundman OKM II Classic inc.A3 (binaural microphone)
Microphones: IQ6 XY Stereo Microphone for iPhone and iPad
KORG nanoKontrol2
AKAI keyboard
KORG nanoPad2

Apple products

5x ipad mini
Lightning to VGA Adapter
Lightning to USB Camera Adapter


Double Telepresence Robot

Double Telepresence Robots are essentially a ‘Skype on wheels’ controlled online remotely to give you a physical presence at important events when you cannot attend in person. It allows people unable to attend in person to join conferences, workshops and events. The Double is stored in the Mobslab, in Bowland North. To gain more information, please e-mail You can also see how the Double Telepresence Robot was used at the Connecting Practices event to see it in action.

Sewing Machine

Please contact Jen Southern for more information.


We have a large array of various lego boxes, often used for sandboxing, filming and other creative methods. Our lego consists of people, and pieces to create buildings, places, and vehicles. All lego is stored in the Mobslab, Bowland North. If you would like to borrow our lego store, please contact the administrator at