Mobilities: October 2019 Issue 5

This bumper issue includes a diverse geographical spread with some linked articles.

When urban environments meet pedestrian’s thoughts: implications for pedestrian affect.
Thomas Calvert, Juliet Jain & Kiron Chatterjee

‘Running on sandcastles’: Energising the rhythmanalyst through non-representational ethnography of a running event
Jonas Larsen

Home on the Waves: Domesticity and discomfort aboard the overland route steamship, 1842-1862
Jonathan Stafford

To move or not to move: Mobility decision-making in the context of welfare conditionality and paid employment
Greg Marston, Juan Zhang, Gaby Ramiac, Roger Patulny, Michelle Peterie, Emma Cooke

The work-sociology of academic aeromobility at remote institutions
James Higham, Debbie Hopkins and Caroline Orchiston

The Political Mobilities of Reporting: Tethering, slickness and asylum control
Andrew Burridge, Dan Fisher and  Nick Gill

Bangkok Flooded: Re(assembling) disaster mobility
Leonie Tuitjer

Transit Justice as Spatial Justice: Learning from Activists
Theresa Enright

Gender, Marriage, and the Dynamic of (Im)mobility in Nepal
Ina Zharkevich

Dynamics of precarity among ‘new migrants’: exploring the worker-capital relation through mobilities and mobility power
Tom Vickers

Family Involved or Left Behind in Migration? A Family-Centred Perspective towards Estonia-Finland Cross-Border Commuting
Keiu Telve

Migration as hope and depression: existential im/mobilities in and beyond Egypt – Open Access
Harry Pettit and Weibe Ruijtenberg

Cover image by micastle. Used under a CC BY-SA 2) license