Showcasing new and emerging work on mobilities by arts and humanities scholars this special issue, brought together by Pete Merriman and Lynne Pearce, examines some of the different texts, methods and theoretical frames through which authors approach movement and mobility in its different forms.

Genre on the road: the road movie as automobilities research – Neil Archer
‘Australia – Drive it Like You Stole It@: automobility as a medium of comcmunication in settler colonial Australia – Georgine Clarsen
Mobility, exile, and native identity in the work of Edith Wharton – John Culbert
Mobilities of form – Ian C. Davidson
On writing portable place: George Eliot’s mobilie Midlands – Ruth Livesey
Moving around children’s fiction: agentic and impossible mobilities – Lesley Murray & Sonia Overall
‘Driving-as-Event’: re-thinking the car journey – Lynne Pearce
Travelling through the city: using life writing to explore individual experiences of urban travel c.1840-1940 – Colin G. Pooley