26th October 2016 Cresswell, T. 2010. Towards a politics of mobilityEnvironment and Planning D: Society and Space 28(1): 17-31. Chaired by Stephanie Bayne Sodero.

Abstract This paper proposes an approach to mobility that takes both historical mobilities and forms of immobility seriously. It is argued that is important for the development of a politics of mobility. To do this it suggests that mobility can be thought of as an entanglement of movement, representation, and practice. Following this it argues for a more finely developed politics of mobility that thinks below the level of mobility and immobility in terms of motive force, speed, rhythm, route, experience, and friction. Finally, it outlines a notion of ‘constellations of mobility’ that entails considering the historical existence of fragile senses of movement, meaning, and practice marked by distinct forms of mobile politics and regulation. …

4-5PM, Bowland North B37 (Mobilities Lab).

Everyone is invited to attend and join in the discussion. If you can’t be there in person, Skype is possible. Please contact p.drinkall@lancaster.ac.uk for a copy of the reading.

Image: https://vimeo.com/76535371