Project Details

Project Dates: Oct 2021 - July 2022

Project Lead at Lancaster:

David Tyfield


David Tyfield
Matthew Cotton

Freeports are a flagship initiative to “level-up” (primarily) coastal regions after Brexit and Covid-19. Freeports are designated areas for import, processing, and re-export of goods. Freeport businesses enjoy lighter taxes, tariffs, and paperwork. In parallel to this, are Government commitments–and planetary urgency–to decarbonise transport, including new commitments towards long-neglected emissions from shipping and aviation. This project aims to bridge these two policy agendas in two key Freeport regions of the North–Teesside and Liverpool. We aim to promote transport decarbonisation for regional freight and shipping within place-based Freeport development strategy by engaging diverse regional stakeholders through qualitative research and facilitated workshops to build localised capacity.

Our research will first assess the regional socio-economic, industrial development and environmental qualities of these two places, and the climate impacts of shipping, freight, and commuter traffic. We will then engage stakeholders with the concept of a carbonfreeport – aiming to align the socio-economic benefits of Freeport development with positive, expedited and place-relevant innovation in regional freight and shipping transport decarbonisation; and improved localised environmental quality. The project will thereby build the conditions to forge win-win solutions for both prosperity and net-zero emissions targets as we build back better in the North of England.