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isITethical? invites you to play with ethical values of information sharing.

Information sharing for (big) data analysis is growing across many domains. From disaster risk management to medical diagnosis, from transport to supermarket logistics, from politics to advertising, gathering data about people, environments and material things produces information that can be highly valuable when shared.

However, mobilizing data in this way can also raise many ethical, legal, and social issues. An erosion of privacy, new forms of digital exclusion and social sorting can undermine fundamental civil liberties.

In this playful experiment, we challenge utopia and dystopia of informational mobilities and explore/experience the ethics, lawfulness and sociality of data sharing.

Using a board game we have developed with emergency responders and technology developers, players will be able to experience motivations to share data (a series of crises affecting Europe).

They will assume particular roles and responsibilities (as emergency service agencies, government authorities, healthcare trusts, volunteers, or NGO) for particular cities. They have the opportunity of enhancing their capacities to respond to the crisis by opening common information spaces, which will allow them to share data and meta-data, and collaborate with others.

As part of the game, they encounter ethical, legal and social challenges and opportunities in a way that encourages deliberation and debate, as well as imaginative responses.