MSNanoX – The Most Secret Nano Experiment

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The year is 2050 and the performance lifestyle company Nano NeuroChem has found a way to travel back in time to 1 November 2017. On that day Nano NeuroChem changed the world with a breakthrough nano-medicine technology. The consequences of decisions taken on that day changed many people’s lives, unfortunately for the worse. Nano NeuroChem wants to ‘undo’ these changes and instead develop its technology for good.

A top secret workshop has been arranged to explore the ethical issues and opportunities surrounding the project and its potential effects on society. The development team has sought counsel of a group of eclectic experts that the Nano NeuroChem AIs of 2050 have identified as the best available minds for the job; minds capable of broad thinking, deep empathy and seeing many sides of an argument. The project leaders believe these individuals can explore both the corporate benefits and the benefits to society to define a product/service that could improve quality of life for many.

Image Credits: Medivizor

The workshop will be held in a secure facility on
1st November 2017 12 noon – 4pm …

… where this group of experts will be guided by two time-travellers Jim Gerken and Duncan Campbell to blend Design Fiction, Human Centred Design, User Ethnography and Design Thinking methodologies to map the innovation space, explore uncertainties and make a business case for developing NeuroChem’s breakthrough nano-medicine technology in a way that avoids the pitfalls of their predecessors.

Read more about the Workshop here.                                      Places are limited. Please register here.