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The Mobile Utopia Experiment is a creative pre-enactment of a mobile utopia made concrete and personal in Lancaster, a medium-size university town. The pre-enactment envisages how people, objects, ideas, and resources will travel in the near-ish future of 2051. It explores, for example:

  • the social life and moral order of traffic as it increasingly incorporates ‘driverless’ mobile pods, dynamic on-demand ride-sharing, a more densely populated vertical dimension, as well as incorporating more walking and cyclin
  • social and material practices of mobilities of work, home and leisure
  • the im|material im|mobilities of plastic, bacteria, CO2, aerial particulates and data

Pre-enactment is facilitated through a game, its components are activities, lived, and prefigurative enactments of mobile utopias in the here and now. Read more and see examples here.

To join The Mobile Utopia Experiment, please contact with the subject header ‘Mobile Utopia Experiment’.

Results from The Mobile Utopia Experiment will be exhibited at the Mobile Utopia Conference, 2-5 November 2017.

The Conference is a collaboration between the International Association for Transport, Traffic and Mobility (T2M), and the Cosmobilities network, in association with the Institute for Social Futures.

Image Source: Bob Doran