Summer Seminar with Dr Sharon Wilson: Putting Flesh on the Boneyard


Published by Cemore

Tuesday, June 13th, 2023

Putting “Flesh on the Boneyard”; everyday militaries and museum, a mobilities perspective.

On 25th May 2023, CeMoRe was delighted to host Dr Sharon Wilson at an in-person event on Lancaster University campus. Dr Wilson discussed her recent work that aims to “put flesh on the boneyard” in a way that highlights how tourist bodies become targets of inscription by moving through infrastructure that commits ‘Slow violence’. During her talk, Dr Wilson asked, how do these affective spaces reinforce prevailing ideologies and relations of power? How might the affective homology between bodies and the past reframe the social and somatic fields of understanding? By moving through and beside the aesthetics of the ‘dead’ planes in their potential as “relational entities”, I suggest they do not “rest in peace” but instead “come alive” in a performance that unfolds into the landscape as a phantasmagoria of military power.

The session drove critical conversations around everyday militaries and how mobilities research can be used to reveal them.

A special thank you to Dr Sharon Wilson for her fascinating talk and to all attendees for their comments and discussion.

To watch the whole presentation and discussion please follow this link:

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