‘Under the Weather’: Dr Stephanie Sodero’s webinar recording


Published by Harriet Phipps

Tuesday, March 21st, 2023

On Friday 10th March CeMoRe was delighted to host Dr Stephanie Sodero talking about her new book ‘Under the Weather: Reimagining Mobility in the Climate Crisis’ in an online webinar. The event also featured fantastic insights from discussants Dr Mimi Sheller and Dr Monika Buscher.

Stephanie is a Lecturer in Climate Change and Health at the University of  Manchester and he research focuses on vital mobilities — how goods, such as blood, saline IV solution, and oxygen move from the point manufacture to the point of care, and how such  supply chains can be made more resilient in a changing climate. See this blood illustration to learn more about her work.In her book, Stephanie uses two Atlantic Canadian case studies as a springboard, and contributes to pressing cultural and policy discussions about community resilience by imagining human mobility that works with, rather than against, the climate in ways that benefit local communities.

Focusing on community advocates, policy makers, and academics,  Stephanie called for a transformative approach to mobility and offer five recommendations:  revolutionising mobility, prioritizing vital mobilties,embracing green and blue, rebranding redundancy, and thinking flex.

You can now watch the entire webinar below:

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