Call for papers

The Call for Papers closed on 10th January 2023. This page is for information only.

We invite submission of abstracts for papers, posters and panels on any topic relevant to the list of themes provided below. All abstracts will be peer-reviewed by the conference programme committee.

Paper presentations will consist of a 20-minute talk followed by 10 minutes for questions and discussion. Please note: paper submissions should present either complete research, or research in progress where at least some substantial results have been achieved. Work in progress which has yet to produce results can instead be submitted as a poster abstract.
Abstracts: 300 words

Poster presentations. We especially welcome poster abstracts that (a) report on research that is in its early stages, (b) report on new software or corpus data resources.
Abstracts: 150 words

A panel presentation will consist of 1.5 hours related to a single theme. Submissions should take the form of a single abstract on behalf of all speakers to be on the panel detailing (a) the overall motivation for the panel and (b) individual contributions (briefly). The overarching theme of the panel should be clearly indicated.
Abstracts: 500 words

We especially encourage submission of abstracts from early-career researchers, including postgraduate research students and postdoctoral researchers.

Deadline: 6th January 2023  **EXTENDED DEADLINE**: 10th January 2023

List of themes

  • Corpus methodology:
    • Critical explorations of existing measures and methods in corpus linguistics;
    • New methods and techniques in corpus development, annotation and analysis;
    • New tools and techniques developed in corpus-based computational linguistics;
    • Advances in quantitative techniques.
  • Theoretical corpus linguistics:
    • The interface between corpus and linguistic theory;
    • Syntax, morphology, semantics;
    • Psycholinguistic and cognitive explorations;
    • Multi-lingual comparative and contrastive analysis;
    • Historical linguistics.
  • Lexis and lexicon:
    • Lexicography;
    • Collocation and meaning in context.
  • Applications of corpus linguistics, register variation, sociolinguistics, pragmatics, language variation and applied linguistics:
    • Applications in health, education, discrimination and inequalities, climate change, law etc.;
    • Genre, register and textual variation;
    • Language learning, teaching and testing.
    • Regional and social variation in language;
    • Code-switching and bilingualism;
    • Corpora and context.

Pre-conference workshops

We invite submission of abstracts for half-day (3h) pre-conference workshops. Pre-conference workshops are practical sessions teaching participants useful skills in corpus linguistics such as corpus design or data analysis.

Information to include: i) brief background, ii) skills developed in the workshop, iii) a brief call for participation for the conference website iv) maximum number of participants, v) is a computer lab required, v) other requirements (specialised software, laptops etc.).
Abstracts: 500 words

Deadline: 6th January 2023  **EXTENDED DEADLINE**: 10th January 2023


Conference format 

The conference is organised as a primarily face-to face event. All presenters will be expected to deliver their presentations on site. Online attendance will be possible for viewing of presentations only. We reserve the right to modify the format of the conference depending on the development of the Covid-19 situation in 2023.