Children's and young people's digital literacies
in virtual online spaces


A few current books, other publications and links on research on children’s and young people’s digital literacy in virtual online spaces by organisers and core participants of the seminar series.


Davies, J. and Merchant, G. (2009) Web 2.0 for Schools: Learning and Social Participation. New York: Peter Lang.

Peachey, A., Gillen, J., Livingstone, D. & Robbins, S. (eds) Researching Learning in Virtual Worlds. Springer.

Willett, R., Robinson, M. and Marsh, J. (eds) (2009) Play, Creativity and Digital Cultures. New York, London: Routledge.

Journal articles etc.

Gillen, J., Twining, P., Ferguson, R., Butters, O., Clough, G., Gaved, M., Peachey, A;, Seamans, D. & Sheehy, K. (2009) A learning community for teens on a virtual island - The Schome Park Teen Second Life Pilot Project. eLearning Papers no. 15: The New Learning Generation. Also available in Spanish: El proyecto piloto Schome Park: una comunidad de aprendizaje para adolescentes en una isla virtual de Second Life

Gillen, J. (2009) Literacy practices in Schome Park: a virtual literacy ethnography. Journal of Research in Reading 32 (1) 57-74.

Merchant, G. (2009) Literacy in virtual worlds. Journal of Research in Reading 32 (1) 38-56.


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