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Does RNIB produce a good example of design for visually impaired/blind people? (poster presentation)

Kiran P Bhagwat, MA in Design Research for Disability (UK)


Twenty two people with different eye conditions (i.e. blind, partially sighted and sighted) were interviewed about their experiences of walking through RNIB building at Judd St, King's Cross, London. They were questioned about their experiences of using that building and in general about their mobility. Site visit was carried out to study the building in detail and it was adjudged whether the building had fulfilled the requirements set by Disability Discrimination Act 1995. It was found that though the building had fulfilled most of the laws, there was a need to improve the design to make it more suitable for visually impaired / blind people. Many participants gave feedback about the design changes required. This case study gives solutions to some of the problems which were highlighted during the study and underlines the others, which needs a solution.

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