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2008 Conference Archive
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Welcome to the archive for the fourth international disability studies conference which took place at Lancaster University, UK on 2-4 September 2008. The purpose of the conference was to bring together researchers, practitioners, policy makers and activists to share and debate research, ideas and developments within disability studies.

Disability Studies has arisen from the activities of the disabled people's movement and is concerned with the development of knowledge and practice that will support the emancipation of disabled people. A key idea within disability studies in the UK is the social model of disability which locates the disability in the social and economic structure and culture of the society in which it is found, rather than in individual limitations.

Disability Studies seeks to advance teaching, research and scholarship that is concerned with:

the analysis of disability and the exclusion of disabled people as a social consequence of impairment; and

the identification and development of strategies for fundamental social and political changes that are necessary for the creation of an inclusive society in which disabled people are full participants, and are guaranteed the same rights as non-disabled people.

The international disability studies conferences at Lancaster University aim to bring together people involved in disability studies throughout the UK, Europe and the rest of the world, to share their knowledge and experience of studying disability issues.

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