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Presenters and Abstracts

Please click on the presentation titles below to access the abstract. * next to a title indicates the full paper, poster or Powerpoint presentation is available. The Schedule of paper presentations is available as a word and pdf document.

Name Presentation Title
Ditte Rose Andersen
PPR Frederiksberg, Denmark
Stereotypical and peculiar - on understandings of autism and positioning of autistic subjects (poster presentation)
Larry Arnold
Autism Centre for Educational Research, University of Birmingham
Does medical research in autism proceed "arse backwards"?
Larry Arnold
Autism Centre for Educational Research, University of Birmingham
Video and education in autism - (poster presentation)
Ole Petter Askheim
Lillehammer University College, Norway
Personal assistance in Norway and Sweden: From difference to convergence?
Karen Beauchamp-Pryor The 'involvement' of disabled people in the development of disability policy and provision is now high on the Government's agenda, but in practice, whose voice actually dominates these processes?
Angharad Beckett
University of Leeds
'Inclusive classrooms need inclusive literature': a qualitative content analysis of primary age children's literature about disability
Dawn Benson
University Northumbria
Equal Access in Shaping Your Services - with a little help from some friends: reflecting on the evolution of participatory research
Peter Beresford
Centre for Citizen Participation, Brunel University
Towards A Social Model Of Madness And Distress: Reporting the findings from a new user controlled research study of service users' views
John Bertelsen
Resource Centre for Special Needs Education, ViSP - Denmark
*Breaking the isolation
Kiran P Bhagwat Does RNIB produce a good example of design for visually impaired/blind people? (poster presentation)
Theo Blackmore
Plymouth University
"Half of my friends don't even see me as disabled" : What can field, capital and habitus reveal about disability, inclusion and exclusion?
Theo Blackmore
Cornwall Disability Research Network
Cornwall Disability Research Network (poster presentation)
Simone Borsci
Interuniversity Center for Research in Cognitive Processing in Natural and Artificial Systems, University of Rome, Italy
Global Rank: Improving a qualitative and inclusive level of web accessibility
Lorna Bourke
Liverpool Hope University
The psycho-social and emotional experience of physical disablement for children and their families in Malawi
Toby Brandon
Northumbria University
Obesity and Fattism - A Comparison to Three Models of Disability
Christine Brown
Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario
A Day at the Museum: Disability Activism and Things to Remember
Susan Buell
Manchester Metropolitan University
A Meeting of Minds: Exploring the Boundaries of the Social Model of Disability in Bolivia
Peter Burke
University of Hull
Brothers and sisters of disabled children: revisiting the experience of disability by association
Nicholas Campbell
Office for Disability issues
Office for Disability Issues (poster presentation)
Bernadette Cassidy
Allan Bean Centre for Research and Learning in Rehabilitation
The Role of Information in Supporting People with Disabilities Return to Independence
Gustavo García Chacón
Universidad Católica Andrés Bello
Formal equality and substantial equality: the situation of handicapped people in Venezuela and Canada (poster presentation)
Nicholas Cimini
University of Sheffield
*Struggles online over the meaning of disability
Tabitha Collingbourne
School of Law, University of Sheffield
*Muddling through? The UK, economic and social rights and the Disability Rights Convention
Andrea M. Cooke
University of Illinois, USA
*The Impact of Globalization on the Third World and on People With Psychiatric Disabilities
Helen Crowley
RUA St John of God Hospitaller Services
Sexuality Support, Policy and Practice: Getting it Right
Tillie Curran
University of West of England
Social Workers, Disabled Children and Organisations of Disabled People: A Cycle of Practice Transformation Towards Desirable Ways of Living
Patrick Devlieger
The making of "Hearing and Touching Leuven": Blindness and multi-sensorial experience in cities
Jocelyn Dodd
University of Leicester
Rethinking Disability Representation: absence and attitude
Leanne Dowse
University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
Insurrection and Resistance: exploring the activist 'self' in self- advocacy by people with intellectual disability
Claire Edwards
University of Cork
The geographies of disability and a re-evaluation of the social relations of research production
Liz Ellis
University of Plymouth/ CDRN
In/dependency, Interdependency and Resistance in the Lives of People with Learning Difficulties
Kate Esser
Plymouth University
Dyspraxia: the Silent Sister
Miguel Ferreira
Complutense University of Madrid
*A new disability interpretative theoretical-sociological framework: critical theory, citizenship and gender
Miguel Ferreira
Complutense University of Madrid
Disability's identity: work hypotheses of an Spanish research Project (poster presentation)
Ines Figueiredo Alves
Consiglio Nazionale sulla Disabilita (Italy)
MURINET and the human rights approach to disability (poster presentation)
Karen Fisher
Social Policy Research Centre, University of New South Wales, Sydney
*My money matters - findings from direct payments research
Christina Fleetwood
Nordic School of Public Health
Collaboration between handicap organizations and the health care sector (poster presentation)
Jennie Fleming
De Montfort University
The Standards We Expect
Petra Flieger
Institute of Educational Science - University of Innsbruck, Austria
*Project Presentation - "The Painting of a disabled man"
Jenny Ford
De Montfort University
Learning to listen: a partnership project (poster presentation)
Cristina Francisco
Circulo de Mujeres con Discapacidad (CIMUDIS)
Women with disability and the barriers for get health services (poster presentation)
Mariela Gaete-Reyes
King's College London
The impaired body, the technology of the wheelchair and the environment
Ruth Garbutt
School of Sociology and Social Policy, University of Leeds
Exploring the barriers to sex and relationships for people with learning difficulties
Chan Kim Geok
University of Malaya
Parents of Child with Down's Syndrome: Their Care-giving Experiences, Parent - Child Communicative Pattern at Home and Perceived Quality of Life: A Pilot Study
Michael Glennon
Universiteit van Amsterdam - International School for Humanities and Social Sciences
Notes on subjectification and the research of community based group homes for developmentally disabled: constituting nomadology as emancipatory method for ethnographers who won't sit still
Danny Goodley
Manchester Metropolitan University
The odd, different and disruptive: Towards a productive psychology and critical disability studies
Danny Goodley
Manchester Metropolitan University
Does every child matter, post-Blair? The interconnections of disabled childhoods (poster presentation)
Lorraine Gradwell (Plenary Speaker)
Breakthrough UK Ltd
*In practice the theory is different: The challenges of making a difference in a disabling world
Carolyn Gutman
Tel Hai Academic College
Communities of Practice: The Development of a Disability Studies' Curriculum
Beth Haller
Towson University, Towson, Maryland, USA
Soldiers & Symbols: Images of Disabled Veterans in U.S. Political Cartoons
Astrid Halsa
Høgskolen i Lillehammer, Norway
Madness and motherhood- mothering alone
Carol Hamilton
N.I.I.D Trinity College
Sexuality Support and Social Meaning - Exploring the difference between 'good' sex and 'bad'
Jennifer Harris
University of Dundee
Direct Payment Employers: Challenging the social relations of support
Jennifer Harris
University of Dundee
Issues in technology usage for disabled people in the UK (poster presentation)
Marian Hawkesworth
University of Manchester
The care of the visible self
Pauline Heslop
Norah Fry Research Centre, University of Bristol
*Why do people with learning disabilities say they self-injure?
Andy Hill
De Montfort University
Policing Dyslexia - beyond the Laptop & Stab proof Vest
Nick Hodge
Sheffield Hallam University
Tales from the Battlefield: the challenges of parent-professional partnership
Stephen Lee Hodgkins
University of Northampton / DITO
Discoursing Disability; The Personal and Political Positioning of Disabled People in Talk and Textwork
Andrea Hollomotz
School of Sociology & Social Policy, University of Leeds
Sexual 'vulnerability' of people with learning difficulties: a self-fulfilling prophecy
Laurence Hopkins
Liverpool Hope University
Disabled students in Higher Education: taking the path of least resistance (poster presentation)
David Hosking
University of Leicester
*The Theory of Critical Disability Theory
Zoe Hughes
Institute for Intellectual Disability, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Getting political: The experience of students with intellectual disabilities in University politics
Jens Ineland
Department of social work, Umeå university, Sweden & Department for health and social science, University College of Harstad, Norway
The story about Theatre organisation, the Publics approval and the Actors identity processes in Nordic Disability Theatre
Jeong-Ki Kam
Centre for Disability Studies, Leeds University
*On the Concept of Ambivalent Disablism
Hisayo Katsui
Institute for Human Rights, Åbo Akademi University
Why International Cooperation to Deal with Disability? Politics of the Article 32 of the Convention
Berni Kelly
Queen's University of Belfast
"Some people think I am different, but I see myself as an equal person to everybody else": Exploring Identities of Young Disabled People at School
Grace Kelly
University College Cork
Sexual Rights and Intellectual Disability - Balancing Stakeholder's Views
Patrick Kermit
Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Faculty of Social Sciences and Technology Management
Bioethical discussions on paediatric cochlear implantation: Obscuring the view by constructing an antinomy where 'nature' is set up against 'convention'?
Birgit Kirkebæk
VIKOM,The Danish Resource Centre of Children and Young People with Multiple Disabilities
*The invisible ones
Debbie Kramer-Roy
Brunel University
Concepts of and attitudes towards disability in the Pakistani community in the UK
Kristjana Kristiansen
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Madness in the mountains: lessons of mental health and resilience in exploring everyday life for people in recovery with 'psychosis'
Jukka Kumpuvuori
The Institute for Human Rights, Åbo Akademi University
Legal Strategies in the Advocacy Activities of Organisations of Persons with Disabilities - Global Perspectives
Emily Last
King's College London
Participation or marginalisation? Disabled citizens and the local governance of access
Yvonne Latham
Lancaster University
Making Connections: Disabilities, Technologies and Affordances
Rebecca Lawthom
Manchester Metropolitan University
Psychosocial resources to unpack disablism: global case studies, social psychoanalytic possibilities
Sarah Lewthwaite
Learning Sciences Research Institute, University of Nottingham
Forward Slash Disability: Social experiences of disability online, in and around higher education
Ema Loja
Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences - University of Porto
The impact of social and political disability discourses on the experience of physical disability in Portugal
Claudia Malacrida
University of Lethbridge
Work, Education, and Privilege: A Small Town’s Parasitical Relationship to a Total Institution for 'Mental Defectives'
Rebecca Mallett
Sheffield Hallam University
Theorising Comedic Immunity: Or, What Do You Get When You Cross Contemporary Comedy with Disability?
Nicola Martin
Sheffield Hallam University
*Towards an inclusive environment for university students who have Asperger syndrome (AS)
Raul Mideros
University of Leeds
Latin American Perspectives on Disability and Disability Studies
Hilda Beatriz Miranda-Galarza
Leeds University
The construction of 'intellectual disability' in Ecuador: From the lack of a sense to a matter of development
Hilda Beatriz Miranda-Galarza
Leeds University
Family and disability: a social and cultural analysis of intellectual disability in Ecuador (poster presentation)
Marta Moretti
Zurich University of Applied Sciences, School of Education
Do the education systems reproduce the existing social structure and with it, social differences? The power of a label (poster presentation)
Ghasem Norouzi
School of Education & Psychology of Isfahan University, Iran
Mainstream employment for people with the label of 'Learning Difficulties': the experiences and perspectives of supported employment providers (SEPs)
Cheryl Nosworthy
The University of Reading
Mind-Body Spaces of Human - Non-human Communication: A Socio-spatial Study of 'Disabled' and 'Non-disabled' Horse-riders
Ana B Pereira
Faculty of Economics / Centre for Social Studies, University of Coimbra, Portugal
Voyage to the Inside of the Shadow: Women, Disability, Chronic Illness and Invisibility in an Ableist Society
Deborah Phillips
Cornwall College
Learning Difficulties, Embodiment and Landscapes: narrative accounts of lives, labels, spaces and place
Mark Priestley
University of Leeds
*Participating in the European Research Agenda
Rachel Purtell
Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry
Issues of Death and Dying for Disability Studies
Parvaneh Rabiee
Social Policy Research Unit, University of York
Choice: What, when and why? Exploring the importance of choice to disabled people
Michael Rasell
University of Birmingham
Separation, society and the state: Living with disabilities in Russia
Janet Read
School of Health and Social Studies, University of Warwick
Disabled Children in the UK: Characteristics and household circumstances
Marcus Redley
Cambridge University
Understanding the stalled welfare of citizens with learning disabilities
Donna Reeve
Lancaster University
Homo sacer, states of exception and zones of indistinction: What can the work of Agamben offer disability studies?
Solveig Magnus Reindal
NLA, School of Religion, Education and Intercultural studies
Disability, Capability and Special Needs Education. A theoretical framework
Julie Ridley
University of Central Lancashire
Disclosing disability - conflict for student and qualified social workers, teachers and nurses
Julie Ridley
University of Central Lancashire
Experiences of compulsory care and treatment in Scotland (poster presentation)
Griet Roets
Department of Social Welfare Studies, Ghent University, Belgium
Unravelling Mr. President's Nomad Lands: Travelling to Interdisciplinary Frontiers of Knowledge in Disability Studies
Chrissie Rogers
Brunel University
*(S)excerpts from a life told: sex, gender and learning disability
Irene Rose
Manchester University
Disability Studies in the Cultural Studies Classroom
Emma Jane Rowlett
University of Nottingham
*Print Impairment in Higher Education
Sara Ryan
DIPEx Research Unit, University of Oxford
"It's like you are just a spectator in this thing": experiencing social life the 'aspie' way
Katherine Runswick-Cole
Manchester Metropolitan University
Liminal lives: non-disabled mothers and the disability world
Staffan Sanden
Halmstad University, Sweden and The Swedish Institute for Disability Research
Citizenship - Disabled People's Perceptions and Definitions
Teela Sanders
School of Sociology & Social Policy, University of Leeds
The Right to Sexual Pleasure: Disability; Commercial Sex and Activism
Ruth Sayers
Strategies for Working Group
Life's Labours Lost - A study of the experiences of people who lost their occupation following mental health problems (poster presentation)
Sonali Shah
University of Leeds
Future Selves: Career Choices of Young Disabled People
Sonali Shah
University of Leeds
The time of our lives: understanding disability through life history (poster presentation)
Michael Shamash
Anything Can Happen in the Next Half Hour
Yi-Ting Shih
Newcastle University
Belonging (poster presentation)
Russell Shuttleworth
Sexual Health Unit, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Sydney
Toward an Inclusive Sexuality and Disability Research Agenda
Armineh Soorenian
University Of Leeds
Barriers in education for disabled international students
Kirsten Stalker
University of Strathclyde
The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and Adults with Learning Disabilities
Brendan Stone
University of Sheffield
Madness and distress: From individual to collective narratives
Naoko Taira
The University of Leeds, Seinan Gakuin University
Challenging Stigma and Discrimination: The experience of mental health service users in Japan
Antti Teittinen
Finnish Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Three perspectives on deinstitutionalisation process: a Finnish case
Pedro M. Teixeira
Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences - University of Porto
Empowerment and disability - An organizational analysis in Portugal
Ravi K. Thiara
University of Warwick
*Making the Links: Disabled Women and Domestic Violence
Muhammad Mobin Uddin
Disabled Peoples International
Supporting Independent Living
Katja Vuoti
Finnish Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Does successful interaction relationship hold the key to community participation? Promoting communication between people with severe intellectual disabilities and their communication partners
Scott Allan White
Ryerson School of Disability Studies & Toronto School of Homeopathic Medicine
no-name (non-diagnostic medical models and the social construction of disability)
Mary Wickenden
Centre for the Study of Childhood and Youth, University of Sheffield
Listen to Me: How 12 teenagers who use AAC represent themselves
Alison Wilde
University of York
Homophily, special educational needs and processes of educational inclusion
Deborah Williams
Reality Productions/University of York
That joke isn't funny any more: Impairment, disability and audience in the films of the Farrelly brothers
Jannine Williams
Newcastle Business School at Northumbria University
Disabled Academics' Career and Organizational Experiences
Timothy Williamson
Warwick Medical School
Staff perceptions of pain in people with a learning disability: an emergency department investigation (poster presentation)
Sarah Woodin
University of Leeds
Whose Money? Control Over Direct Payments
Simon Wing Kuen Wu
City University of Hong Kong
A critical review on the built environment policy for disabled people in Hong Kong in a decade: Progress or regress?
Borgunn Ytterhus
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Managing turning-points and transitions in childhood and parenthood - insights from families with disabled children in Norway


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