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Disability's identity: work hypotheses of an Spanish research Project (poster presentation)

Miguel Ferreira, Complutense University of Madrid
Co-presenter(s): Arnau, S.; Bascones, L.M.; Brogna, P.; Díaz, E.; Ferrante, C.; Ferreira, M.A.V.; Huete, A.; Huete, M.A.; Jiménez, A.; López, M.; Palacios, A.; Romañach, J.; Villa, N.; Zarco, J.


DISCASOC project ("Disability's identity: social factors conditioning people with disability identity in Spain, their historical evolution and a comparison with the UK case") pursues the investigation of social and practical basis defining people with disability experience, as a social group, in Spain. Our initial hypothesis is that, in an identitary sense, such social group doesn't exist because we presuppose an enormous variety of experiences, characterised by an heterogeneous constitution, which implies a total lack of, both symbolic and practical, references from which define, in an autonomous way, the social group identity. DISCASOC project political goal is to determinate over which specific issues is it possible to incorporate into people with disability social group the independent living philosophy, and do this from the emerging "Functional Diversity" perspective, which is proposed, here in Spain, as a critical conceptualization and practice that rejects current negative definitions of Disability (dis-ability: no ability). We propose a qualitative investigation that, in addition, evaluates these identitary basis historical evolution along three generational cohorts, with the purpose to compare this evolution with the UK one, because a similar research is taking place there currently.

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