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The story about Theatre organisation, the Publics approval and the Actors identity processes in Nordic Disability Theatre

Jens Ineland, Department of social work, Umeå university, Sweden & Department for health and social science, University College of Harstad, Norway
Co-author(s): Lennart Sauer, Rikke Gurgens


Nordic disability theatre is a relatively new and interesting field of disability research. In this paper presentation we give an overview from the field of disability theatre in a Nordic context. The paper is based on a comparative analysis from three research projects conducted in Sweden and Norway. The projects were using qualitative methods and was analysed from different theoretical perspectives. Interviews were conducted at four different disability theatres involving actors with hearing impairments, intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities and mental disabilities. The aim with the paper presentation is to illustrate how the organisational settings reflect different goals and aims at the political and artistic level. We also want to discuss the relationship between the theatres and the public opinion and media. Finally we want to illustrate in what way organisation, recognition and the public approval play an important role for the actors' identity formation and sense of belonging.

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