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Supporting Independent Living

Muhammad Mobin Uddin, Disabled Peoples International


Independent Living (IL) is not a concept just out of the box! It's a much talked about and well-wrought notion, once an idea, taking the shape of a reality, a movement, though gradually.

Fortunately or unfortunately, newer concepts are baked in developed countries. So was Independent Living (IL)! Pakistan being a progressive and forward-looking state (though developing) has its eyes set to the target of achieving a barrier-free, friendly and independent society for all, be it persons with disabilities or the able-bodied.

The goal of this paper is to encompass every possible detail which is worth our discussion. In essence, this paper is an effort to find out answers to five questions:

  1. Why do we care about Independent Living (IL) and its scope?
  2. What does 'supporting' Independent Living (IL) imply? What are its consequences?
  3. How do we go about creating and making progress for a barrier free and independent society?
  4. What's the practical, handy and athletic suggestion suiting to Pakistani (or any other developing society, for that matter) to the creation and the development of a barrier-free and independent society?
  5. What are the implications of our solutions?

During the course of action, a little yet comprehensive research was conducted Persons with Cross Disabilities were given questionnaire demanding them to answer questions gauging their understanding of the term Independent Living (IL) and its integrals. Analysis of the data and finally reaching a conclusion that's substantial and worthy.

Suggestions and recommendations follow thereon which is the crux of the paper. These are definitely no shots in the air, but solutions that can alter lives of person with disabilities and the families associated.

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