International Research Conference, Lancaster UK, 18 - 20 July 2016
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Deborah Anderson, Barry Avery, Rebecca Lees, Kingston University

Developing social capital: a close-up look at pedagogic practices


Jill Anderson, Lancaster University

Service user and carer involvement in education for health and social care: social justice and the ‘education questions’


Jo Armstrong, Ann-Marie Houghton, Lancaster University

From the quantitative to the qualitative: Learning from student insights on Higher Education


Samuel Asare, Helen Nicholson, Sarah Stein, University of Otago, New Zealand

How do student-teacher relationships engage or alienate students in higher education?


Paul Ashwin, Lancaster University, Rachel Sweetman, University of Oslo

What would socially-just international measures of the quality of teaching in higher education look like?


Cassie  Barnhardt, Carson W Phillips, Ryan L Young, University of Iowa

A developmental perspective on organizing for social responsibility: A task for higher education organizations and scholars


Filip Boicu, University of Nottingham

Social Justice, Higher Education and the Oneness of Humankind


Kelly Coate, Camille Kandiko Howson, Tania de St Croix, Kings College Longon

Gender Inequalities in Academic Work: Mid-career women and the prestige economy


Steve Dempster, Murray Saunders, Lancaster University

'Powerful Knowledge’: situated enactments of policy on the ‘student voice'


Samuel Dent, Sheffield Halam University

Recognition in Higher Education-Students Who Care for Children while at University


Karen Ellery, Chrissie Boughey, Rhodes University, South Africa

Is ‘offering’ powerful knowledge sufficient? Epistemic and social concerns in the sciences. 


Helen Farley, Joanne Doyle, University of Southern Queensland, Australia

Researching Inside: Exploring the Impact of Higher Education Learning Initiatives on Incarcerated Students in Regional Australia


Angela Fenton, Charles Sturt University

Human flourishing versus failure to thrive: Higher Education and child protection


Kirsty Finn, Lancaster University

From ‘Mobility Capital’ to ‘Mobility as Capability’: Imagining new frameworks for research into student mobilities


James Garraway, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, University of Cape Town

Participatory parity and access to knowledge


Kim Gilligan, University of Sunderland

Social Justice through  critical pedagogies in Literacy on an Initial Teacher Education Course


Sarah Goodier, Carren Field, Suki Goodman, University of Cape Town

The role of evidence in close-up higher education research: Towards evaluations of social justice programmes in higher education


Arlene Harvey, Gabrielle Russell-Mundine, University of Sydney

Transforming the knowledge store: The social justice implications of the policy and practice of curriculum renewal


Steven Jones, Diane Harris,  The University of Manchester, Katy Vigurs, Staffordshire University

Conceptualisations of value-for-money among graduates at English universities before and after the 2012 rise in fees


Daniel Kontowski, University of Winchester & University of Warsaw, David Kretz, Bard College, Berlin

(E)quality in Education - a Financial Impossibility? The Case of Liberal Arts Education in Germany


Natasa Lackovic, Lancaster University, Roger Kerry, The University of Nottingham

Social media and social justice in Higher Education: power and performance in the Twitter theatre


Tanya Lubicz-Nawrocka, University of Edinburgh

Co-Creation of the Curriculum and Social Justice: Changing the Nature of Student-Teacher Relationships in Higher Education


Langatani M Masehela, University of Venda, South Africa

reThink reImagine reEnact (TIE) higher education curriculum holistically: a quest for social justice


Sharon McCulloch, Ibrar Bhatt, Karin Tusting, Lancaster University

'Historians don’t set out to change people’s lives':To what extent are notions of social justice shared across the academy?


Sioux McKenna, Chrissie Boughey, Rhodes University South Africa

Constraints and Enablements of Postgraduate Supervision


Kevin Ncube, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Cape Town

The nature of Marketing knowledge and the quest for social justice: Locating Social Justice in Close-Up Research in Higher Education


Pat Norris, York St John University

Higher education initial professional education for youth and community workers: a serious game


Isaac Ntshoe, Central University of Technology, Free State
Advancing social justice in differentiated higher education system


Catherine O’Connell, Liverpool Hope University
Academic Responses to Impact as a New Indicator in Higher Education Research


Nickanor Amwata Owuor, University of Venda, South Africa
Higher education and social justice and transformation: Contemporary and emerging challenges for universities in Kenya


Lynn Quinn, Rhodes University, South Africa
Ways in which academic development can contribute to decolonizing institutional teaching and learning practices.


Damian Ruth, School of Management, Manawatu, New Zealand
Dear Customer, there is no stock exchange for wisdom


Jacqueline Stevenson, Iain Garner, Sheffield Hallam University
The BME degree attainment gap: The black hole of institutional delusion?


Vicki Trowler, University of Edinburgh
Close Up, or Inside Out?


Jo-Anne Vorster, Rhodes University South Africa

What does a socially and epistemically just response to the call for the decolonization of South African university curricula mean for learning to teach?



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