out of place: interrogating silences in queerness /raciality

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Out of Place arises from a growing sense of dissatisfaction surrounding the ways in which 'raciality' is theorised and politicised within queer discourse and practice. The inclusion of a 'race paper' in conferences, or the few non-white participants becoming a representation of 'multiculturalism' in any given group promoting diversity: such attempts to consider the idea of 'race' alongside 'queer' often result in the submergence of raciality within queerness. These situations often leave the very racialised groups in question silent/silenced---'out of place'---within supposedly queer spaces, and it is these silences which we wish to listen to. We believe that 'raciality' and 'queerness' should always be interrogated together as queerness/raciality in order to hear the invisible, to see the inaudible. How and/or what are the ways in which 'raciality' becomes silent and/or silenced within the queer discourse and practice? What do these silences do and how can they be conceptualised?

This workshop aims to provide a forum for students, artists and activists to answer or explore these questions through open interaction between participants, papers and performances. As the title suggests, we wish to interrogate the different and differing experiences, definitions, and problems of each word---'out', 'place', 'silence'---and how these may or may not affect the concept of 'queerness/raciality'. Although you are not restricted to the following, we invite you to explore some of these themes which we hope to open up:

  • Silences: how is raciality/queerness (self)regulated or (self)imposed?
  • Places: how do places change/challenge/stablise the experiences and modes of queerness/raciality?
  • Queer and race theories: are there still any bridges to cross
  • Colour: non-whiteness and/or whiteness: what does it mean?
  • ‘Passing' and 'coming out': how do you 'pass'/'out' your queerness/raciality in different contexts?
  • Fears: what are the insecurities/fears surrounding queerness/raciality?
  • Visibility/visuality: is raciality/queerness always about being visible/visual?
  • Politics: how can we celebrate and promote queerness/raciality

Conference organisers

Esperanza Miyake, Women's Studies, Lancaster University

Adi Kuntsman, Sociology Department, Lancaster University



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Jointly organised by:

Dept of Sociology and Institute for Women's Studies

and supported by Nuffield Theatre and CeMoRe



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