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Gilbert Scholarship Primary Sources


Gilbert, William. ""De Mundo Nostro Sublunari"." BL Royal Ms. 12 F. XI. ff. 134.-.

Last Will and Testament of William Gilbert. TNA PROB/11/102

- Transcription available here (opens as pdf.)

Probate Sentence at Perogative Court of Canterbury. TNA PROB/10/7486/3

- Translation and transcription available here (opens as pdf.)


Printed Sources

Barlow, William. A breife discovery of the idle animadversions of Marke Ridley Doctor in Phisicke upon a Treatise entituled, Magneticalll Advertisements. London, 1618. (link to EEBO)

-. Magneticall Advertisements: or divers pertinent observations, and approved experiments concerning the nature and properties of the Loadstone. London, 1616. (link to EEBO)

-. The Navigators Supply conteining many things of principall importance belonging to Navigation. London, 1597. (link to EEBO)

Blundeville, Thomas. "The making, description, and use, of two most ingenious and necessary Instruments for Sea-men." In The Theoriques of the Seven Planets , by Thomas Blundeville, 279-84. London, 1602. (link to EEBO)

Borough, William. Discours on the Variation of the Cumpas. London, 1581.

- A Discourse Mathematicall. (1581)

Cabeo, Niccolo. Philosophia Magnetica, in qua Magnetis Natura Penitus explicatur... Cologne, 1629.

Cardano, Girolamo. Opera Omnia. ????

Chamberlain, John. The Letters of John Chamberlain. Edited by N. E. McClure. 2 vols. Philadelphia, 1939. (opens as pdf.)

Cortes, Martin. The Arte of Navigation. Translated by Richard Eden. ????

della Porta, Giambattista. Magiae Naturalis Libri XX. 3rd edition. Naples, 1611.

-. Magiae Naturalis Libri XX. 2nd edition. Naples, 1589.

Digges, Thomas. "A perfit description of the Caelestiall Orbes..." In A Prognostication Everlasting , by Leonard Digges and Thomas Digges. London, 1576. (link to EEBO)

Fludd, Robert. Mosaicall Philosophy. Translated by A.N.Other. London, 1659. (link to EEBO)

-. Philosophia Moysaica. London, 1637.

Fuller, Thomas. A History of the Worthies of England . London, 1662. (opens as pdf.)

Galilei, Galileo. Dialogue concerning the Two Chief world Systems. Translated by Stillman Drake. Berkeley, CA, 1962.

Gellibrand, Henry. A discourse mathematical on the variation of the magnetic needle. London, 1635. (link to EEBO)

Gilbert, William. De Magnete. Translated by P. Fleury Mottelay. London, 1893.

-. De Magnete. Translated by P. Fleury Mottelay. New York: Dover, reprint edition, 1958.

-. De Magnete Magneticisque Corporibus et de Magno Magnete Tellure: : physiologia noua, plurimis & argumentis, & experimentis demonstrata. London: Peter Short, 1600. (opens as pdf.)

-. De Magnete. Translated by S.P. Thompson. London. 1900

-. De Mundo Nostro Sublunari. Nova Physiologia Contra Aristotelem. Edited by Isaac Gruter. Amsterdam: Ludovic Elzevier, 1651. (opens as pdf).

Grandami, Jacques. Nova demonstratio immobilitatis terrae petita ex virtute magnetica. La Fleche, 1644.

Hill, Nicholas. Philosophia Epicurea, Democritiana, Theophrastica proposita simpliciter, non edocta. Paris, 1601.

Jonson, Ben. "The Magnetick Lady, or Humours Reconciled." In Works , by Ben Jonson, edited by W. Gifford, 437-63. ????, ????

Kircher, Athanasius. Magnes sive de Arte Magnetica. Opus Tripartitum. Rome, 1641.

Linton, Antony. Newes of the Complement of the Art of Navigation. 1609, London. (link to EEBO)

Nautonnier, Guillaume de. Mecometrie de leymant... Venes, 1603.

Norman, Robert. The newe Attractive, Contayning a short discourse of the Magnes or Loadstone... London: Richard Ballard, 1581. (link to EEBO)

Patrizi, Francesco. Nova de Universis Philosophia. Ferrara, 1591.

Peregrinus, Petrus. De Magnete, seu Rota perpetui motus, libellus nunc primum promulgatus. Edited by A. Gasser. Augsburg, 1558.

-. Epistola Petri Peregrini de Maricourt ad Sygerum de Foucaucourt, militem, de magnete. 1269.

-. The Epistle of Peter Peregrinus de Maricourt to Sygerus de Foucaucourt, Soldier, Concerning the Magnet. Translated by Silvanus Phillips Thompson. London, 1902.

Power, Henry. Experimentall philosophy in three books, containing new experiments microscopical, mercurial, magnetical. London, 1664. (link to EEBO)

Ridley, Mark. A short treatise of magneticall bodies and motions. London, 1613. (link to EEBO)

-. Magneticall Animadversions. London 1617 (link to EEBO)

Stevin, Simon. The Havenfinding Art. Translated by Edward Wright. London, 1599.

-. The Principal Works of Simon Stevin. Edited by E. Goone et al. Amsterdam, 1955-1966.

Taisnier, Jean. A Verie Necessarie and Profitable Book Concerning Navigation (tr. Richard Eden). London: Richard Jugge, 1579.

Venn, J, and J Venn. Alumni Cantabrigienses. Part 1, from the earliest times to 1751. Vol. 1. 4 vols.

Ward, Samuel. The Wonders of the Load-stone. London, 1640.

Wright, Edward. Certain Errors in Navigation. London, 1599. (link to EEBO)

-. Certain Errors in Navigation. 2nd edition. London, 1610. (link to EEBO)

Zucchi, Niccolo. Promotio Philosophiae Magneticae ex ea novum argumentum contra systemate Pythagoricum. Rome, 1649.

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