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International Research Conference, Lancaster UK, 24-26th July 2006
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An International Conference Devoted to Fine-Grained Qualitative Research into Higher Education

Was held 24-26 July 2006

The conference is now complete. The next Higher Education Close Up Conference (HECU4) will take place, 26-28 June 2008 in Cape Town, South Africa. More details, including contact details, will be available shortly

About the Conference

Qualitative research provides a key means of developing knowledge about the rapidly changing character of post-compulsory education. Researchers, analysts, educational developers, managers, teachers, students and unionists use fine-grained research and evaluation methods in both formal and informal ways. Data and conclusions derived from this research are used to generate, implement and reconfigure policy, to manage and organize institutions, and to plan and reorganize curricula. This conference provided a forum for researchers, whether teachers, managers or policy advisors, to present, discuss and examine their recent qualitative research on higher, further and continuing education.

Papers that presented qualitative research on any aspect of higher education were welcomed. There were four key themes in the conference:

A: Professional Development

B: Methodological Issues

C: Management and Change

D: The Student Experience


Discussion List

The Higher Education Close Up discussion list at: http://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/lists/HIGHER-EDUCATION-CLOSE-UP.html


A selection of conference papers are being prepared for a special double number of a the International Journal of Educational Research.

Keynote Speakers were:

Dr Paul Ashwin, Lancaster University, UK

Professor Chrissie Boughey, Rhodes University, South Africa.

Dr Mike Prosser, Director of Research and Evaluation at the Higher Education Academy

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