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International Research Conference, Lancaster UK, 24-26th July 2006
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Paper # Presenter/s Paper Title Theme Session
1 Blaj-Ward Problematic places within disciplinary spaces: Parameters for training Humanities doctoral students to undertake interdisciplinary research. A II
5 Case and Marshall Being a successful student: identifying students’ Discourse models. D II
10 Chapman, Parmar and Trotter Enhancing the higher education experience of mature students. D II
3 Chitashvili Institutionalisation of new graduate programs and resistance old soviet style universities. C II
6 Comrie and Farley How do lecturers think about teaching generic skills. A III
7 Diezmann Using narrative enquiry to facilitate reflection on supervisory practice. B XIII
13 Diezmann and Watters Structuring reflection as a tool in qualitative evaluation. B V
11 Fanghanel Enhancing professional development practices through a socio-cultural understanding of university teaching. A V
17 Haggis Problems and paradoxes in 'fine grained qualitative research' : an exploration of 'context' from the perspective of complexity and dynamic systems theory. B VI
15 Hillier and Rawnsley Education, Education, Education or Employers, Education and Equity: managing employer adn employee expectations of foundation degrees. D V
18 Ingram Higher National Certificates/Diplomas in Scotland and Foundation degrees in England: A qualitative study of two post'compulsary education systems. C VI
19 Lindberg-Sand and Olsson Sustainable Assessment in Engineering Education - Critical features of the examination process . D VI
36 Nabwera, Purnell and Bates Principles and practice underlying development and delivery of high quality courses in Africa C XIII
21 McClean A Methodology for critical theory: Habermas and the everyday lives of students and teachers. D VIII
20 McMullen Taking a close look at award winning teachers: A narrative study of the development of teaching expertise in times of change. A VII
22 Meister-Scheytt and Scheytt Boards at Work: Enacting governance in the 'New' Austrian University. C VII
30 McDowell and Montgomery Social networks and the international student experience; a community of practice to support learning? D IX
38 Reimann Perspectives on assessment: student (non-) engagement with seen examination questions. D XIII
25 Savin-Baden Qualitative meta analysis? The theory and practice of interpretative meta ethnography. B VIII
28 Shay Researching assessment as social practice: Implications for research methodology. B IX
43 Slack and Vigurs Problematising participatory research with 'potential learners' : tales from the field. D XV
24 Stocks What the Doctor ordered? : The role of the Faculty in developing graduate teachers. A XIII
27 Tait The formation of professionals who teach: a local enquiry in a national context. A IV
31 Tummons " I seem to remember going with quite a thick pile of paper home, and I had no idea what I was doing" : Assessment, and the literacy practices of trainee PCET teachers. A X
33 Venter and Taylor Phases of institutional research development: Two South African research management cases. C X
34 Weedon and Riddell Fit for practice? A case study of an initial teacher training student's experiences on an initial teacher training course. D X
42 Wedlund, Axelsson and Melin Project-oriented Education - Managing three simultaneous processes. D XIV
26 Saunders, Machell and Lent The Scottish Quality HE Enhancement System - a close up evaluation. C VIII
14 Tight The Life and Death of a course C V
37 Knight Assessment close up: exquisite descriptions of achievement. D XIII
16 Bentley Discussion, Assessment and Constructive Alignment. A VI
29 Amare Ethiopian Higher Education: ethical and moral dilemmas in the change process. C IX
8 Keane The Experiences and views of Academic staff in the context of increasing student diversity: A post-positivist grounded theory approach. C III
2 Davison Methodological Instability and the disruption of masculinities in postmodern times. B II
44 Coate Unknowability: the limits of qualitative research on the international student experience. D XV
41 Bohrer The role of the student in quality assurance processes . D XIV
35 Fisher The metamorphosis of Higher Education in the UK - is there an identity crisis? C XIII
40 Sisay The hangover of traditional assessment on the implementation of the new assessment policy in Higher Education in Ethiopia. C XIV
4 Watson Concept development in a introductory legal course. D II
9 Morberg and Steiner Instructional strategies and student learning outcomes. D III
39 Grealy Tribes and Territories in Library adn Information Studies Education : A research perspective. C XIV
32 Boland Conducting insider case study research within a relatively small higher education system: Some methodological issues. B X
12 Mills Science=vocation ² ? : Rethinking the academic 'career' in the social sciences. A V
23 Matos PhD: What is it? An analysis of how different stakeholders perceive the doctoral degree. Match or mismatch? D VII

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