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Publications for A Level Teachers and Students

Publications discussing the Kendal Project and its implications which might be of interest to A Level teachers and their students (in particular those taking sociology of religion courses):

Blundell, Jonathan and Janis Griffiths 2002: Sociology since 1995 (volume 1). East Sussex: Connect Publications. [See pp. 42-46, ‘The Kendal Project’.]

Haralambos, Michael and Martin Holborn 2004: Sociology. Themes and Perspectives. Sixth edition. London: Collins. [Chapter 7 contains a fair amount of material on the Kendal Project and the implications of some of the findings.]

Heelas, Paul (with Linda Woodhead) 2003: The Kendal Project: Testing the ‘Spiritual Revolution’ Thesis. Sociology Review 13 (2), pp. 18-21. [For further details of the magazine, contact the publishers, Philip Allan Updates, at]

Heelas, Paul 2004: Subjective-life Spirituality and the Subjective Turn: A Challenges for the Churches. The New Theologian. (In press)

Heelas, Paul 2004: The Crisis of Religion and the Future of Wellbeing Spirituality. In Martin Holborn (ed.) Developments in Sociology. (vol 20). Ormskirk: Causeway Press. (In press)

Heelas, Paul and Linda Woodhead 2005: The Spiritual Revolution. Oxford: Blackwell.

Woodhead, Linda 2004: Christian Futures. In SHAP Journal of World Religions in Education. Shaping the Future 2004/2005, pp. 16-18. [Bulding on findings from the Kendal Project, this article considers what the future may hold in store for Christianity in the West.]

See also 'Research Opportunities for A Level Students' on this website.

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