Pete Atkinson Pete Atkinson is Head of Geography and Environment at the University of Southampton. He has research interests in a range of spatial modelling approaches including statistical models and process models applied to remote sensing data. His application interests include a range of environmental issues including near-Earth object impacts, landsliding and flooding; disease and ecological systems and risk; land surface changes and vegetation phenology. Increasingly, his research has focused on global scale phenomena. Follow this link to see an abstract for Peter Atkinson's keynote.

Mei-Po Kwan Mei-Po Kwan is Distinguished Professor of Social and Behavioral Sciences and Director of the Geographic Analysis Core of the Initiative in Population Research (IPR) at the Ohio State University. She is currently Editor of Annals of the Association of American Geographers. Her work in GIScience focuses on qualitative GIS, geocomputation, 3D geovisualization, network-based 3D topological data models, and GIS-based intelligent emergency response systems (GIERS). Her application interests include geographic analysis of accessibility, geographies of health, information and communication technologies (ICT), research method, and geographies of gender, race and religion. Follow this link to see an abstract for Mei-Po Kwan's keynote.
Tyler Mitchell Tyler Mitchell, Tyler Mitchell originally worked in GIS for forestry and natural resource management. He wrote a key book on web-based mapping, and was until recently the Executive Director for the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo). Now, after years of promoting open-source solutions to geospatial problems, he is working for a hybrid commercial/open-source business intelligence company, Actian, and is well-placed to speak about the position of open source in academia and industry. Follow this link to see an abstract for Tyler Mitchell's keynote.