Pre-Conference Workshop

Open Source Geospatial Software pre-conference workshop, in association with Lutra Consulting ( ) Tuesday 10th April (2pm) - Wednesday 11th April (12noon)

The first session will introduce Quantum GIS, the leading open-source and multi-platform desktop GIS, to new users. We will run through the basics of loading and styling vector and raster layers from files, databases, and online sources. Then participants will get walked through a real-world GIS analysis problem. The second session will build on the first to show the power of the command-line python interface for automating complex analytical problems, and how to develop this into a self-contained plugin with a user interface built using the Qt toolkit. Course materials will be distributed so participants can go through the workshop again afterwards, and you will also get a copy of all the software needed - that's the joy of open source! This workshop is being run by training professionals from Lutra, the environmental analysis and management group committed to open source solutions.