Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies

A muraqqa' by the Istanbul-born calligrapher Yedikuleli Seyid Abdullah (d. 1144/1731).

ISSN: 0806-198X

Editors: Lutz E. Edzard and Stephan Guth, Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages (IKOS), University of Oslo, Norway
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Copyright Notes for Contributors



N.B. Authors whose articles are accepted for publication  from Vol. 4 on must print out both of the PDF files from EUP "Copyright: Notes for contributers" and "COPYRIGHT ASSIGNMENT." They must fill out the second form and return both to:

Edinburgh University Press 22 George Square Edinburgh EH8 9LF Scotland, UK

1. Formal written transfer of copyright from the author(s) to the publishers for all contributions to appear in the journal is required for the following reasons:

(a) ownership of copyright by publishers on behalf of their journal should improve international protection against infringement;

(b) requests by third parties to reproduce copyright material will be handled efficiently and consistently, for example through copyright licensing schemes, in accordance with a general policy which is sensitive both to changes in copyright legislation and the general desirability of encouraging the dissemination of  knowledge;

(c) the publishers can store the copyright material in machine readable form for supplying copies of individual articles on demand;

(d) the publishers can authorize and organize indexing and abstracting services in print and database form to improve access to the copyright material.

2. In assigning your copyright, you are not forfeiting your right to use your contribution elsewhere. This you may do after seeking permission from the journal and subject to appropriate acknowledgment.

3. All requests to reprint your contribution, or a substantial part of it, in another publication will be subject to your approval (which we will assume is given if we have not heard from you within four weeks of writing to you at your last know address).

4. The journal is registered with Copyright Clearance Center, a non-profitmaking organisation which offers centralised licensing arrangements for photocopying within the USA.

5. It is understood that in some cases copyright will be held by the contributor's employer. If so, the journal requires non-exclusive permission to deal with requests from third parties, on the understanding that any requests from third parties will be handled in accordance with paragraph 3 above (i.e. you and not your employer will be asked to approve the proposed use).

6. In the case of reprints the content of the article may be stored electronically and then printed to meet individual requests. The author hereby agrees to the journal making the necessary arrangements to include his published article in a document delivery service.




The Author hereby assigns to the JAIS the right to publish and distribute the said manuscript and to create derivative work from said manuscript. The assignment shall be effective so long as the JAIS is available on computer networks, CD, or other commonly used electronic storage media. Consent to publish in this journal entails the author's irrevocable and exclusive authorization of the JAIS to collect any sums or considerations for copying or reproduction payable by third parties and/or to act in or out of court in connection therewith.

Style and Form of Publication:

The Author's name shall be conspicuously printed on the title page of said paper when published. The paper shall contain notice that the author of the paper retains the copyright and that if the author subsequently publishes the paper in another journal or medium such publication shall contain notice that the paper was first published in the JAIS [where this has not been expressly stated, it remains the presumption].

Infringement of Copyright:

The Author agrees to hold the JAIS harmless for any unauthorized use of the paper subsequent to its publication by the JAIS in an electronic or other medium. Any distribution or publication of said paper by subscribers to the JAIS or others who obtain copies of it from the network shall constitute an infringement of the Author's copyright.

Certain Right Reserved to Author:

The Author shall remain the sole owner of the copyright in said manuscript. The author may publish the manuscript in any other journal or medium but such publication must include notice that the manuscript was first published by the JAIS.

Last updated March 23, 2003.

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