Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies

A muraqqa' by the Istanbul-born calligrapher Yedikuleli Seyid Abdullah (d. 1144/1731)

ISSN: 0806-198X

Editors: Lutz E. Edzard and Stephan Guth, Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages (IKOS), University of Oslo, Norway
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Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies

Vol.17/5 (2017) Themed section: Arab-Sicilian and Andalusian Grammarians, ed. by Mirella Cassarino and Antonella Ghersetti (pdf 3,5 MB, pp. 65-135).

Vol.17/5a (2017) Front matter and Table of Contents (pdf 370 kB, pp. 65-66).

Vol.17/5b (2017)  Mirella Cassarino and Antonella Ghersetti, Which differences? Notes for a project on Sicilian and Andalusian grammarians (pdf 255 kB, pp. 67-78).

Vol.17/5c (2017) Oriana Capezio, Ibn al-Qattāʿ et la métrique arabe en Sicile entre le XIe et le XIIe siècle (pdf 13,3 MB, pp. 79-96).

Vol.17/5d (2017) Francesco Grande, Originality of the Semantic Approach in Arabic Linguistic Thought, with Particular Reference to Ibn al-Qattāʿ’s Work (pdf 333 kB, pp. 97-113).

Vol.17/5e (2017) Cristina La Rosa, The Majmū'ʿa min ši'ʿr al-Mutanabbī wa-ghawāmidihi by Ibn al-Qattāʿ al-Siqillī: A Morphological and Lexical Analysis (pdf 333 kB, pp. 114-135).

Vol.17/4 (2017) Daniele Mascitelli, Some Verses by Hassān b. Thābit al-Ansārī not Included in His Dīwān (pdf 977 kB, pp. 53-63).

Vol.17/3 (2017) Patrizia Zanelli, Subversive Writing: Mona Prince’s ‘Laughing Revolution’ from pre- to post-2011 Egypt (pdf 550 kB, pp. 35-52).

Vol.17/2 (2017) Ismail Lala, An Analysis of Muhammad ibn ʿAlī al-Tahānawī’s Approach in Kashshāf istilāhāt al-funūn – The entry of huwiyya (pdf 642 kB, pp. 14-34).

Vol.17/1 (2017) Haggai Mazuz, Post-Biblical Jewish Sources in al-Maqrīzī’s Historiography—Whence His Knowledge? (pdf 853 kB, pp. 1-13).

Vol.16/9k (2016) Ragnhild J. Zorgati, Impressions from Tunisia, Spring 2016 (pdf, 59 kB, pp. 385-388).

Vol.16/9j (2016) Delphine Pagès-El Karoui, Deciphering the Binary Code “Egyptian vs. Foreigner” in Egyptian Cinema (pdf, 846 kB, pp. 368-384).

Vol.16/9i (2016) Richard Jacquemond, Satiric Literature and Other “Popular” Literary Genres in Egypt Today (pdf, 749 kB, pp. 349-367).

Vol.16/9h (2016) Albrecht Hofheinz, #Sisi_vs_Youth, or: Who Has a Voice in Egypt? (pdf, 1015 kB, pp. 327-348).

Vol.16/9g (2016) Stephan Guth, Twenty-Three Recent Arabic Films: Impressions From Two Film Festivals (Oslo and Tübingen, 2016) (pdf, 908kB, pp. 299-326).

Vol.16/9f (2016) Mariem Guellouz, The Construction of “Tunisianity” Through Sociolinguistic Practices: From the Tunisian Independence to 2016 (pdf, 235 kB, pp. 290-298).

Vol.16/9e (2016) Elena Chiti, ''A Dark Comedy'': Perceptions of the Egyptian Present Between Reality and Fiction (pdf, 593 kB, pp. 273-289).

Vol.16/9d (2016) Myriam Achour-Kallel, “La Rolls et la Volkswagen”: Écrire en tunisien sur Facebook en 2016 (pdf, 1169 kB, pp. 253-272).

Vol.16/9c (2016) Mona Abaza, Cairo: Personal Reflections on Enduring Daily Life (pdf, 1235 kB, pp. 234-252).

Vol.16/9b (2016) Stephan Guth, Introduction: Living 2016 and the In 2016 Project (pdf, 417 kB, pp. 224-233).

Vol.16/9 (2016) Special dossier: Living 2016: Cultural Codes and Arrays in Arab Everyday Worlds Five Years After the 'Arab Spring' [Proceedings of a workshop held at the Department for Cultural Studies and Oriental Languages (IKOS), University of Oslo, Norway, 29–30 May, 2016], eds. Stephan Guth and Elena Chiti (.pdf 6.6mb, pp. 221–388).

Vol.16/8 (2016) Zaid Alamiri and Peter Mickan, What Makes the Qurʾānic Narratives Cohesive? Systemic Functional Linguistics-Based Analysis of Reference Role: Some Reflections (.pdf 759 kB, pp. 199–219).

Vol.16/7 (2016) Liana Saif, The Universe and the Womb: Generation, Conception, and the Stars in Islamic Medieval Astrological and Medical Texts (.pdf 620 kB, pp. 181–198).

Vol.16/6 (2016) Salih Natij, La conception ğāhizienne de l’adab d’après son épître Sinā'āt al-quwwād (.pdf 790 kB, pp. 163–179).

Vol.16/5 (2016) William M. Cotter, One Piece of the Puzzle: Notes on the Historic Interdental Fricatives /θ, ð, ðˁ/ in the Arabic Dialect of Gaza City (.pdf 856 kB, pp. 149–162).

Vol.16/4 (2016) William Costel Tamplin, Who Was 'Umar ibn Sayyid? A Critical Reevaluation of the Translations and Interpretations of the Life (.pdf 781 kB, pp. 125–147).

Vol.16/3 (2016) Rachel Anne Friedman, Significant Intersections between Legal and Rhetorical Theories: Lessons from an Interdisciplinary Reading of al-Bāqillānī’s Theory of Language (.pdf 873 kB, pp. 99–123).

Vol.16/2 (2016) Hani ElayyanThree Arabic Novels of Expatriation in the Arabian Gulf Region: Ibrāhīm Nasrallāh’s Prairies of Fever, Ibrāhīm 'Abdalmagīd’s The Other Place, and Sa'ūd al-San'ūsī’s Bamboo Stalk  (.pdf 679 kB, pp. 85–98).

Vol.16/1 (2016) Vera von Falkenhausen, Nadia Jamil, Jeremy Johns, The twelfth-century documents of St. George’s of Tròccoli (Sicily) (.pdf  12.6 mB, pp. 1–84).

Vol. 15/11 (2015) Ivan V. Sivkov, The Concept of Ministry in the Arabic Political Tradition: Its origin, development, and linguistic reflection (.pdf 707 kB, pp. 227–244).

Vol. 15/10 (2015) Brynjar Lia, Autobiography or Fiction? Hasan al-Bannā’s Memoirs Revisited (.pdf 707 kB, pp. 199–226).

Vol. 15/9 (2015) Guela Elimelekh, Rebellion in a World of Totalitarianism. Sharif Hatatah’s Novel The Eye with an Iron Lid (.pdf 193 kB, pp. 179–197).

Vol. 15/8 (2015) Additional Reading Marks in Kufic Manuscripts. Please note that this article was published erroneously with an incorrect attribution. The version of record is by Mark Muehlhaeusler, and was published by the Journal of Islamic Studies (2016), 27/1, pp. 116.

Vol. 15/7 (2015) Gert Borg, Poetry as a Source for the History of Early Islam: The case of (al-)ʿAbbās b. Mirdās (.pdf 972 kB, pp. 137–163).

Vol. 15/6 (2015) Dana Awad, The Evolution of Arabic Writing Due to European Influence: The case of punctuation (.pdf 193 kB, pp. 117–136).

Vol. 15/5 (2015) Mustafa BinMayaba, From Expulsion to Readmission: Ibn Abi Hafsa's Rhetorical Technique at the Abbasid Court (.pdf 990 kB, pp. 93–116).

Vol. 15/4 (2015) Teresa Pepe, When writers activate readers. How the autofictional blog transforms Arabic literature (.pdf 966 kB, pp. 73–91).

Vol. 15/3 (2015) Muhammad al-Sharkawi, Towards Understanding the Status of the Dual in Pre-Islamic Arabic (.pdf 727 kB, pp. 59–72).

Vol. 15/2 (2015) Fayssal Tayalati, Du verbe au nom et du nom au verbe. Syntaxe et sémantique des masdars en arabe standard (.pdf 665 kB, pp. 19–57).

Vol. 15/1 (2015) Manuel Sartori, Sawfa lā/lan yaf'al et /lan sawfa yaf'al - Étude de cas sur corpus pour une grammaire didactique et renouvelée de l’arabe moderne (.pdf 670 kB, pp. 1–17).

Vol. 14/10 (2014) Pierre Larcher, Liwāt : « agir comme le peuple de Loth… » Formation et interprétation lexicales en arabe classique (.pdf 321 kB, pp.213–227).

Vol. 14/9 (2014) Sara Nimis, Sainthood and the Law: The Influence of Mysticism in Eighteenth Century Pedagogy of the fuqahā' (.pdf 2683 kB, pp. 179–211).

Vol. 14/8 (2014) Silje S. Alvestad, Evaluative Language in Academic Discourse: Euphemisms vs. Dysphemisms in Andrews’ & Kalpaklı’s The Age of Beloveds (2005) as a case in point (.pdf 511 kB, pp. 155–177).

Vol. 14/7 (2014) Ajhar A. Hakim, The Forgotten Rational Thinking in the Hanbalite Thought, With Special Reference to Ibn Taymiyya (.pdf 444 kB, pp. 137–154).

Vol. 14/6 (2014) Olatunbosun Ishaq Tijani, Contemporary Emirati Literature: Its Historical Development and Forms (.pdf 296 kB, pp. 121–136).

Vol. 14/5 (2014) Muhammad al-Sharkawi, Urbanization and the Development of Gender in the Arabic Dialects (.pdf 470 kB, pp. 87–120)

Vol.14/4 (2014) Yehudit Dror, Die Wortstellung des Subjekts „Gott“ im Koran (.pdf 686 kB, pp. 63-86).

Vol.14/3 (2014) Charlene Tan, Educative Tradition and Islamic Schools in Indonesia (.pdf 264 kB, pp. 47–62).

Vol.14/2 (2014) Ariel M. Sheetrit, The Geography of Identity: 'Abd al-Rahmān Munīf’s Sīrat madīna: Ammān fī ’l-arba'īnāt (.pdf 436 kB, pp. 27–45).

Vol.14/1 (2014) Ludmila Torlakova, Metaphors of the Arab Spring: Figurative Construals of the Uprisings and Revolutions (.pdf 472 kB, pp. 1–25).

Vol.13/10 (2013) Kasper Mathiesen, Anglo-American 'Traditional Islam' and Its Discourse of Orthodoxy (.pdf 471 kB, pp. 191–219).

Vol.13/9 (2013) Waed Athamneh and Caroleen Marji Sayej, Engaging the Authoritarian State: Voices of Protest in Syria (.pdf 527 kB, pp. 169–190).

Vol.13/8 (2013) Alexander Magidow, Competing Pressures in Diglossia: Avoiding Colloquial Elements in Writing Modern Standard Arabic (.pdf 691 kB, pp. 146–168).

Vol.13/7 (2013) Almog Kasher, The Term al-fi'l al-muta'addi bi-harf jarr (lit. “the verb which ‘passes over' through a preposition”) in Medieval Arabic Grammatical Tradition (.pdf 608 kB, pp. 115–145).

Vol. 13/6 (2013) Bruno Herin, Do Jordanians really speak like Palestinians? (.pdf 390 kB, pp. 99–114).

Vol. 13/5 (2013) Arin Salamah-Qudsi, Heart's Life With God: al-Ma'rifa bi-llâh (Knowledge of God) in al-Qushayrî's al-Risâla al-Qushayriyya (.pdf 479 kB, pp. 76–98).

Vol. 13/4 (2013) Sandra S. Campbell, Famous Last Words: The Maqâtil of the Zubayrids in Medieval Islamic Histories (.pdf 585 kB, pp. 58–75).

Vol. 13/3 (2013) Lorenz Mathias Nigst, Highway Luzûmiyyât Revisited: Some Thoughts About Abû 'l-'Alâ' al-Ma'arrî, the Freethinker (.pdf 315 kB, pp. 41–57).

Vol. 13/2 (2013) Dorit Gottesfeld, "Mirrors of Alienation": West Bank Palestinian Women's Literature after Oslo (pdf 365 kB, pp. 22–40).

Vol. 13/1 (2013) Farid Hafez, Der Gottesstaat des Esad Bey: Eine Muhammad-Biographie aus der Sicht eines jüdischen Konvertiten zum Islam unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Dimension des Politischen (pdf 422 kB, pp. 1–21).

Vol. 12/9 (2012) Giovanni Canova, Libri e artigiani del libro: le raccomandazioni dei giuristi musulmani (.pdf kB, pp. 235–263).

Vol. 12/8 (2012) Konrad Hirschler, 'Catching the eel' - documentary evidence for concepts of the Arabic book in the Middle Period (.pdf 197 kB, pp. 224–234).

Vol. 12/7 (2012) Letizia Osti, Notes on a private library in fourth/tenth-century Baghdad (.pdf 553 kB, pp. 215–223).

Vol. 12/6 (2012) Monica Balda-Tillier, La prose amoureuse arabo-islamique médiévale, de l'isnad traditionnel aux sources livresques (.pdf 508 kB, pp. 186–214).

Vol. 12/5 (2012) Samuela Pagani, Il libro come maestro: sufismo e storia della lettura nel medioevo islamico (.pdf 496 kB, pp. 144–185).

Vol. 12/4 (2012) Noah Gardiner, Forbidden knowledge? Notes on the production, transmission, and reception of the major works of Ahmad al-Buni (.pdf 786 kB, pp. 81–143).

Vol. 12/3 (2012) Ahmad Nazir Atassi, The transmission of Ibn Sa'd's biographical dictionary Kitab al-Tabaqat al-kabir (.pdf 487 kB, pp. 56–80).

Vol. 12/2 (2012) Peter Webb, 'Foreign books' in Arabic literature: discourses on books, knowledge and ethnicity in the writings of al-Jahiz (.pdf 569 kB, pp. 16–55).

Vol. 12/1 (2012) Antonella Ghersetti, Editor's introduction: 'The book in fact and fiction in pre-modern Arabic literature' (.pdf 206 kB, pp. 1–15).

Vol. 12 (2012): The book in fact and fiction in pre-modern Arabic literature, (eds.) Antonella Ghersetti and Alex Metcalfe (.pdf 4.3 Mb pp. 1–263).

Vol.11/5 (2011) Pavel Pavlovitch, The 'Ubāda b. al-Sāmit Tradition: at the Crossroads of Methodology (.pdf 971 kB, pp. 137–235).

Vol.11/4 (2011) Andrew Marsham, Public Execution in the Umayyad Period: Early Islamic Punitive Practice and its Late Antique Context (.pdf 311 kB, pp. 101–136).

Vol.11/3 (2011) Jocelyn Sharlet, Tokens of Resentment: Medieval Arabic Narratives about Gift Exchange and Social Conflict (.pdf 266 kB, pp. 62–100).

Vol.11/2 (2011) Gert Borg, Die martiya des A'sā Bāhila auf seinen Halbbruder al-Muntasir. Eine thematische Untersuchung (.pdf 290 kB, pp. 36–61).

Vol.11/1 (2011) Felicitas Opwis, The Role of the Biographer in Constructing Identity and School: al-'Abbādī and his Kitāb Tabaqāt al-fuqahā' al-shāfi'iyya (.pdf 270 kB, pp. 1–35).

Vol. 11 (2011) Click here to access the complete volume. (.pdf 2.3 Mb, pp. 1-235).

Vol.10/6 (2010) Ludmila Torlakova, The Notion Weapon in Arabic Idioms. Characterization of Persons and Objects (.pdf 233 kB, pp. 119-145).

Vol.10/5 (2010) Reem Bassiouney, Redefining identity through code choice in al-Hubb fi 'l-Manfa by Baha' Tahir (.pdf 185 kB, pp. 101-118).

Vol.10/4 (2010) Antonella Ghersetti, 'Like the Wick of the Lamp, Like the Silkworm They Are'. Stupid Schoolteachers in Classical Arabic Literary Sources (.pdf 234 kB, pp. 75-100).

Vol.10/3 (2010) Konrad Hirschler, The 'Pharaoh' Anecdote in Pre-Modern Arabic Historiography (.pdf 247 kB, pp. 45-74).

Vol.10/2 (2010) Joseph Alagha, Wilayat al-Faqih and Hizbullah's Relations with Iran (.pdf 211 kB, pp. 24-44).

Vol.10/1 (2010) Fallou Ngom, Ajami Scripts in the Senegalese Speech Community (.pdf 404 kB, pp. 1-23).

Vol. 10 (2010) Click here to access the complete volume. (.pdf 1.6 Mb, pp. 1-145).

Vol.9/5 (2009) Juan A. Macias Amoretti, Islam and Democracy in Contemporary Moroccan Thought: The Political Readings of 'Abd al-Salam Yasin and Muhammad 'Abid al-Jabri (.pdf 229 kB, pp. 109-125). HTML version.

Vol.9/4 (2009) Samira Farwaneh, Towards a Typology of Arabic Dialects: The Role of Final Consonantality (.pdf 255 kB, pp. 82-109). HTML version.

Vol.9/3 (2009) Abdulrazzak Patel, Nahda Epistolography: Al-Shartuni's al-Shihab and the Western Art of Letter-Writing (.pdf 324 kB, pp. 37-81). HTML version.

Vol.9/2 (2009) Oddbjørn Leirvik, Conscience in Arabic and the Semantic History of Damir (.pdf 205 kB, pp. 18-36). HTML version.

Vol.9/1 (2009) Simon O'Meara, A Legal Aesthetic of Medieval and Pre-Modern Arab-Muslim Architectural Space (.pdf 232 kB, pp. 1-17)

Vol. 9 (2009) Click here to access the complete volume. (.pdf 1.3 Mb, pp. 1-125).

Vol.8/9 (2008) Ludmila Torlakova, The Notion Weapon in Arabic Idioms (.pdf 202 kB, pp. 125-141)

Vol.8/8 (2008) Gunvor Mejdell, What is Happening to Lughatuna 'l-Gamila? Recent Media Representations and Social Practice in Egypt (.pdf 204 kB, pp. 108-124). HTML version.

Vol.8/7 (2008) Anne Sofie Roald, From Theocracy to Democracy? Towards Secularization and Individualization in the Policy of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan (.pdf 226 kB, pp. 84-107)

Vol.8/6 (2008) Lutz Edzard, Principles Behind the Eighth Revised Edition of Rudolf-Ernst Brünnow's and August Fischer's Arabische Chrestomathie aus Prosaschriftstellern: A Tribute to the Scholarly Methods of Michael G. Carter (.pdf 223 kB, pp. 71-83)

Vol.8/5 (2008) Heikki Palva, Sedentary and Bedouin Dialects in Contact: Remarks On Karaki and Salti Dialects (Jordan) (.pdf 224 kB, pp. 53-70). HTML version.

Vol.8/4 (2008) Maria Persson, The Role of the b-prefix in Gulf Arabic Dialects as a Marker of Future, Intent and/or Irrealis (.pdf 211 kB, pp. 26-52). HTML version.

Vol.8/3 (2008) Tetz Rooke, In the Presence of Absence: Mahmoud Darwish's Testament (.pdf 190 kB, pp. 11-25). HTML version.

Vol.8/2 (2008) Michael G. Carter: A Bibliography (.pdf 179 kB, pp. 1-10). HTML version.

Vol.8/1 (2008) Editors' Introduction (.pdf 16 kB). HTML version.

Vol.7/5 (2007) Ze'ev Maghen, 'They Shall Not Draw Nigh': The Access of Unbelievers to Sacred Space in Islamic And Jewish Law (.pdf 288 kB, pp. 103-31)

Vol.7/4 (2007) Abdessatar Mahfoudhi, The Place of the Etymon and the Phonetic Matrix in the Arabic Mental Lexicon (.pdf 347 kB, pp. 74-102)

Vol.7/3 (2007) Ahmad Atif Ahmad, Al-Ghazali's Contribution to the Sunni Juristic Discourses on Apostasy (.pdf 244 kB, pp. 50-73)

Vol.7/2 (2007) Stephan Guth, Individuality Lost, Fun Gained: Some Recurrent Motifs in Late Twentieth-Century Arabic and Turkish Novels (.pdf 284 kB, pp. 25-49)

Vol.7/1 (2007) Zoltan Szombathy, Freedom of Expression and Censorship in Medieval Arabic Literature (.pdf 256 kB, pp. 1-24)

Vol.6/4 (2005-6) Peter Marteinson, La Disjonction de la voix narrative et la manipulation de la vraisemblance dans Le Rocher De Tanios d'Amin Maalouf (.pdf 162 kB, pp. 80-94).

Vol.6/3 (2005-6) Ahmed Sokarno Abdel-Hafez, The Development of Future Markers in Arabic and the Nile Nubian Languages (.pdf 169 kB, pp. 64-79). HTML Unicode version.

Vol.6/2 (2005-6) Zev bar-Lev, Arabic Key Consonants (.pdf 328 kB, pp. 24-63).

Vol.6/1 (2005-6) Samer Mahdy Ali, Singing Samarra (861-956): Poetry and the Burgeoning of Historiography upon the Death of al- Mutawakkil (.pdf 215 kB, pp. 1-23). HTML Unicode version

Vol.5/5 (2003-4) Hassan Bashir, Iran and Political Modernisation in the Nineteenth Century: Parliamentarianism, Constitutionalism and Feminism in the Newspaper Sur-i Israfil (.pdf 250 kB, pp. 124-147).

Vol.5/4 (2003-4) Reuven Snir, Modern Arabic Literature and Islamist Discourse: 'Do Not Be Coolness, Do Not Flutter Safety' (.pdf 387 kB, pp. 78-123).

Vol.5/3 (2003-4) John Hunwick, 'I Wish to Be Seen in Our Land Called Afrika' 'Umar b. Sayyid's Appeal to Be Released from Slavery (1819) (.pdf 178 kB pp. 62-77).

Vol.5/2 (2003-4) Tamima Bayhom-Daou, The Second-Century Shi'ite Ghulat: Were They Really Gnostic? (.pdf 356 kB, pp. 13-61). HTML Unicode version.

Vol.5/1 (2003-4) Bayan Rayhanova, Mythological and Folkloric Motifs in Syrian Prose: The Short Stories of Zakariyya Tamir (.pdf 168 kB, pp. 1-12). HTML Unicode version.

Vol.4/5 (2001-2) Leif Ole Manger, Religion, Identities, and Politics: Defining Muslim Discourses in the Nuba Mountains of the Sudan (.pdf 178 kB, pp. 132-152). HTML Unicode version.

Vol.4/4 (2001-2) Seyed Hossein Serajzadeh, Islam and Crime: The Moral Community of Muslims (.pdf 199 kB, pp. 111-131). HTML Unicode version.

Vol.4/3 (2001-2) Arno Schmitt, Liwat im Fiqh: Männliche Homosexualität? (.pdf 413 kB, pp. 49-110). There are a number of changes from the earlier version posted, some of which may affect pagination (31.03.05).

Vol.4/2 (2001-2) Carlo De Angelo, Le problematiche socio-giuridiche connesse all'immigrazione islamica in Europa con particolare riguardo alla situazione italiana (.pdf 173 kB, pp. 27-48). HTML Unicode version

Vol.4/1 (2001-2) Ramzi Baalbaki, Ilhaq as a Morphological Tool in Arabic Grammar (.pdf 210 kB, pp. 1-26). HTML Unicode version

Vol.3/7 (2000) Agostino Cilardo, Some Peculiarities of the Law of Inheritance: The Formation of Imami and Ismaili Law (.pdf 114 kB, pp. 127-137). HTML Unicode version

Vol.3/6 (2000) Agostino Cilardo, Musulmani in Italia: La condizione giuridica delle comunità islamiche, a cura di Silvio Ferrari-Articolo recensione (.pdf 114 kB, pp. 114-126). HTML Unicode version

Vol.3/5 (2000) Philip F. Kennedy, Reason and Revelation or a Philosopher's Squib (The Sixth Maqama of Ibn Naqiya) (.pdf 212 kB, pp. 84-113). HTML Unicode version

Vol.3/4 (2000) Ibrahim Taha, The Power of the Title: Why Have You Left the Horse Alone by Mahmud Darwish (.pdf 103 kB, pp. 66-83). HTML Unicode version

Vol.3/3 (2000) Lutz Edzard, Sibawayhi's Observations on Assimilatory Processes and Re-Syllabification in the Light of Optimality Theory (.pdf 136 kB, pp. 48-65). HTML Unicode version

Vol.3/2 (2000) Ronald A. Lukens-Bull, Teaching Morality: Javanese Islamic Education in a Globalizing Era (.pdf 126 kB, pp. 26-47). HTML Unicode version

Vol.3/1 (2000) James E. Montgomery, Ibn Fadlan and the Rusiyyah (.pdf 210 kB, pp. 1-25). HTML Unicode version

Vol.2/5 (1998-9) Erica Sapper Simpson, Islam in Uzbekistan: Why Freedom of Religion Is Fundamental for Peace and Stability in the Region (.pdf 274 kB, pp. 110-50). HTML Unicode version

Vol.2/4 (1998-9) Christian Szyska, Desire and Denial: Sacred and Profane Spaces in 'Abd al-Hamid Jawdat al-Sahhar's Novel In the Caravan of Time (.pdf 207 kB, pp. 75-109). HTML Unicode version

Vol.2/3 (1998-9) Pavel Pavlovitch, Qad kunna la na'budu 'llaha wa-la na'rifuhu. On the Problem of the Pre-Islamic Lord of the Ka'ba (.pdf 185 kB, pp. 49-74). HTML Unicode version. See COMMENTS/REPLIES on this article.

Vol.2/2 (1998-9) Celia E. Rothenberg, A Review of the Anthropological Literature in English on the Palestinian Hamula and the Status of Women (.pdf 186 kB, pp. 24-48). HTML Unicode version

Vol.2/1 (1998-9) Ibrahim Taha, Openness and Closedness: Four Categories of Closurization in Modern Arabic Fiction (.pdf 155 kB, pp. 1-23). HTML Unicode version

Vol.1/4 (1996-7) Petra G. Schmidl, Two Early Arabic Sources on the Magnetic Compass (.pdf 342 kB, pp. 81-132). HTML Unicode version

Vol.1/3 (1996-7) Jaakko Hämeen-Anttila, Ibn Shuhayd and his Risalat al-tawabi' wa 'l-zawabi' (.pdf 140 kB, pp. 65-80 ). HTML Unicode version

Vol.1/2 (1996-7) Heinz Grotzfeld, The Age of the Galland Manuscript of the Nights: Numismatic Evidence for Dating a Manuscript? (.pdf, 133 kB, pp. 50-64). HTML Unicode version

Vol.1/1 (1996-7) Adrian Gully, The Discourse of Arabic Advertising: Preliminary Investigations (.pdf 425 kB, pp. 1-49). HTML Unicode version

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