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It’s Time to Make Cities More Rural

15 September 2022

Enough with the urban vs. rural binary. When rurbanization brings agriculture into cities, everyone benefits. Read this article from Wired quoting Rurban research as well as other studies from the US.

Postcards from Glastonbury

22 July 2022

The Rurban Revolution team took interdisciplinary science to Glastonbury Festival in June as part of a brand new Science Futures area. Hear how they got on in these blogs from Charlotte and Dan.

Health, resilience and sustainability benefits of urban food growing: findings and future of the Rurban Revolution project

26th June 2022

You can catch now up with this online event where we discussed the findings of the the Rurban Revolution project, the projects that come next, and what we need to do if we want a rurban revolution to be a reality online.

Can you dig it? Rurban takes research to Glastonbury

30th May 2022

The Rurban Revolution team will be at Glastonbury Festival from the 22nd of June in the Science Tent to talk all things urban food growing.

How a ‘Right to Grow’ law could contribute to improving environmental, physical and mental health across the country

17th May 2022

The Rurban team discuss what a Right to Grow law could deliver based on the science, published in The Conversation.


Study shows urban Britain’s potential as a ‘grow your own’ nation

4th February 2022

New Rurban Revolution study explores the productive potential of our urban green spaces in Great Britain.

Growing a new Rurban network in Liverpool

13th October 2021

We are excited to launch new Rurban Revolution impact project, supporting and connecting growing communities in Liverpool. Hear more about it from our new researcher, Clara Steiner.

Photo: Gina Frausin

Rurban Hope Spots: Mapping land to unlock our local food growing potential

6th July 2021

Learn more about our new Rurban Revolution spin-off project, Rurban Hope Spots, from lead researcher Rachel Marshall.

Meet the team: Rachel Holden, Rurban Intern

25th June 2021

Rachel is joining the Rurban Revolution to explore how rurbanised landscapes affect our food choices.

Watch online: Public Lecture on ‘Filling our spaces with food growing places’ 

Catch up on this open webinar on ‘Talking about Places and Spaces’ that took place in June as part of the 2020/2021 Lancaster University Public Lecture Series.

Meet the team: Natalia Falagan, Rurban Researcher

2nd June 2021

Learn more about our team members – next up is Natalia from Cranfield University

How might urban agriculture and healthy diets be related? New Rurban Revolution research now published

30th April 2021

Our new paper about relationships between urban agriculture and diet, and what might explain this, has just been published in Appetite.

Urban farming: four reasons it should flourish post-pandemic

26th August 2020

Here are four reasons why food growing should become a perennial feature in our gardens, towns and cities after COVID-19.

Lockdown Lettuces: New research to examine the potential of home food growing in response to COVID-19

19th August 2020

We’ve officially re-orientated the Rurban Revolution project in response to COVID-19. Learn more about what we have planned in our Lockdown Lettuce citizen science activities.

Rurban ecosystem services research gets underway with the arrival of our new team member

21st May 2020

Meet our latest Rurban Revolutionary, Dan Evans, and find out more about the ecosystems services research to come.

Does urban food growing help us under lockdown? New Rurban research underway

5th May 2020

How is the outbreak affecting individual food access and well-being, and what’s the role of urban farming? Our new research hopes to help us find out.

Meet the team: Charlotte Hardman, Co-investigator

1st May 2020

Get to know the team – Charlotte Hardman from University of Liverpool is next up.

COVID-19 is getting us growing – but are we harvesting all the benefits of urban farming?

27th April 2020

Faced with empty supermarket shelves, more time on our hands, confined at home with kids to educate and entertain it seems many thoughts have turned to seeds.

Meet the team: Bethan Mead, Rurban Researcher

17th April 2020

Learn more about our team members, next up is Bethan at University of Liverpool.

Meet the team: Lael Walsh, Rurban Researcher

18th December 2019

Learn more about our team members, starting with researcher Lael Walsh at Lancaster University.

With Yellowhammer on everyone’s mind, there couldn’t be a better time to talk food system resilience

17th September 2019

Read our team’s reflections on resilience following the recent Global Food Security Programme Stakeholder Meeting.

Urban food production important part of action on climate change

13th August 2019

New climate change report says urban agriculture is a triple win for climate mitigation, adaptation and food security.

Five ways Rurban Revolution fits with the new National Food Strategy

5th July 2019

We were very excited to see the review on a new National Food Strategy launched last week. Read our reflections here.

Rurban Revolution getting ready for the road

3rd June 2019

Team member Beth Mead has been getting ready to take Rurban Revolution on the road with some outreach this summer.

Rurban Revolution project gets officially underway

7th May 2019

On the 8th and 9th April 2019 we brought together the project team along with food system experts to have our official kick-off in Lancaster University.

Leveraging local food systems to tackle climate change

30th April 2019

Food has a big role to play in dealing with climate change. How can we change our local food systems to help fight climate change and deal with its consequences? This was the topic of a recent workshop we co-facilitated.

Researchers explore potential for an urban agriculture revolution in the UK

1st March 2019

Could we transform UK food production by radically upscaling fruit and veg growing in our towns and cities? And would urban agriculture make us, and our environment, healthier?