Feeling the buzz talking with policy makers and scientists

Just returned from a meeting in Amsterdam with catchment science and diffuse pollution management  scientists and policy makers from across Europe giving me the chance to enjoying a relatively unique opportunity for free creative thinking without feeling hindered by the normal constraints of day-to-day life.  What was so exciting was mixing policy people with scientists and watching how the debate across nations focussed on how we can try to improve the diffuse water pollution problem.  Marion Walker from Catchment Change Network came with me and together we used this meeting to frame our thinking for new guidelines.  It was also great to have Dan McGonigle from Defra along with us and to feel the buzz sharing knowledge with our European colleagues.  What struck me most was how ‘bottom-up’ the UK approach is in comparison to other nation’s approaches which seemed to be more regulatory.

Click here to see more of Phil’s photos from the meeting

A second measure would expand a 2015 law that allowed additional sources tax credits for donations to private school scholarship programs, an alternative to a school voucher program

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