I am Lecturer in Statistics in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Lancaster University.

Previously, I was a Senior Research Associate at Statscale, a joint research program between Lancaster University and University of Cambridge. Following my PhD, I held a competitively awarded EPSRC PhD Plus Research Associateship.

My PhD was supervised by Paul Fearnhead and Idris Eckley.

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Two new FOCuS extensions!

Keywords: #new_article
We have recently pushed two new FOCuS extensions to arXiv. NP-FOCuS: This is a non-parametric version of FOCuS used to detect a change-in-distribution. The algorithm combines previous ideas that we explored in non-parametric changepoint detection with functional pruning to improve both detection power and computational complexity. It works for a variety of non-standard scenarios and is perfect for cases where the nature is unknown a priori! You can find the preprint here.

NUNC article out

Keywords: #new_article
Our latest online nonparametric changepoint detection algorithm just appeared in CSDA. An R package implementing the method is available on Github at the following link.

FOCuS preprint out

Keywords: #new_article
We present a new algorithm for online changepoint detection. A preprint is available on arXiv At this link.