Who is REACT for?

REACT is for anyone who has a close friend or relative experiencing psychosis or bipolar disorder.
Some of the information in REACT might be useful to relatives of people with other mental health problems, but we have focused specifically on psychosis and bipolar disorder because they are relatively common mental health problems, and which provide particular challenges for relatives.

Why would you as a relative or friend need help?

Many people who develop psychosis or bipolar are living at home with family or sharing their lives with friends or partners. Psychosis or bipolar affects all of these people.

Family and friends can provide significant support for people who become unwell and this situation can be very stressful.

You may have to face:
  • Trying to understand what is happening
  • Struggling for accurate and reliable information
  • Working out who to turn to for help
  • Learning how to manage tricky situations
  • Managing additional commitments to work and other family members

We hope this toolkit will help you avoid some of the stress, worry and confusion by giving you some of the information, guidance and support you need.