The Constellation of Perseus

Some General Reading

This section of the site provides a list of some of the books that are available in the library which are useful for the study of medieval books and manuscripts. The list is extensive, but it represents only a tiny proportion of what is available. The point is to illustrate the variety of assistance which is provided by the existing literature and to provide some examples—especially in the area of the histories of books, libraries and book collections—of the kinds of studies which are possible and useful.

There are six pages within this section:

  1. Important Catalogues and Finding-Aids
  2. Guides to the Principles of Medieval Palaeography
  3. Collections of Material in Facsimile
  4. Abbreviations, Dates and Similar Complexities
  5. Codicology and Book History
  6. Libraries, Book Collectors and Marks of Ownership

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