GravMod, v.3.2 (Feb 2011): A program for simple 2-D modelling of Bouguer anomaly data
The software is designed to handle gravity data in two-dimensions, either from student measured data (from projects, dissertations etc) or map-based work from published anomaly maps.  It is largely designed as a teaching/demonstration tool on undergraduate solid-earth geophysics, and environmental geophysics programs.
bulletData entry can include equally spaced or unequally spaced data, with a variety of interpolation functions from unequally to equally spaced data.
bulletCan import data directly from the software GRAVMAG, 2DGM or GReduc software.
bulletCan determine upward continued and 2nd derivative profiles from the data, as well as remove linear background values.
bulletModelling uses a simple dual density 'column mode', with either a granite or a sedimentary basin model. Plots can be pasted into other software which accepts WMF/EMF or BMP formats.
bulletEditable graphic objects
bulletExtensive help, and example data files. Data and plots can be saved.
bulletWorks under 32-bit windows (NT, 95,98, 2000, XP)- self installing software, with extensive help. Written by Mark W Hounslow

The above screen-shot from the program shows the anomaly data plot along with the upward continuation and 2nd derivative data. 

The above screen-shot shows the dual-density model for this data (lower plot), modelled assuming a sedimentary basin is the cause of it. The Upper plot shows the anomaly, its calculated anomaly and the difference (residuals) between the two.

To download the freeware (last update 15 Jan 2011).

 This is fully functioning software.

1) Unzip this zip file in a temporary directory.

2) Clicking on setup.exe will install the first part of the program program. Read the info on program initial installation, which will explain how to install the program. The installation serial number is detailed during the set-up pages. 

3) Unzip the 2nd zip file, which contains the fully working exe version and copy this into the newly created folder at "\program files\CEMP Systems Software\Gravity Modelling Tool". This will overwrite older exe and dll files.

If you have a problem looking at the help file (as you might with Vista or windows 7) with the program. Load the this update from Microsoft, which will install the missing help-file viewer.

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