Greduc: A tool for reduction of single-station gravity data into Bouguer anomaly form
The software is designed to handle simple gravity data reduction tasks, using data from gravity stations on linear arrays of gravity stations, used for 2D profiling. Output can be used in two-dimensional modeling programs, such as the gravmod program.  It is largely designed as a teaching tool on undergraduate geophysics, and environmental geophysics programs.
bulletPerforms the latitude and free-air corrections, and can also adjust for previously determined terrain corrections. Multiple segments on each transect can be accommodated
bulletWorks under 32-bit windows (NT, 95,98, 2000, XP)- self installing software, with extensive help. Written by Mark W Hounslow
bulletExample data files
bullet3-year evaluation "shareware", with full functionality of the complete item
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The above screen-shot shows the two windows. The upper one shows the Station data form and the lower one ("notepad") the distance, absolute gravity and bouguer anomaly data. The selection of the station data is via the notepad window.

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The above screen-shot show the information form for the individual segments (1 or more) on each transect, primarily indicating the base-station data, acquired at start and end of each segment of measurements.


Before downloading, please read the license agreement for using this shareware. The program is contained in a zip file, which should be first unzipped in a temporary directory, using a tool such as Winzip.

If you have a problem looking at the help file (as you might with Vista or windows 7) with the program. Load the this update from Microsoft, which will install the missing help-file viewer.

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