Palaeomag-Tools, V.4.2: A tool for analysis of directional data
A wide variety of applications in directional statistics, geology, palaeomagnetism, geomagnetism, archaeomagnetism, structural geology etc.
bulletWorks with text files, with column based data in an endless variety of adaptable formats. Also utilizes "labels" to tag data groups. It is designed to be used in clipboard-based data-exchange with spreadsheet programs.
bullet3-dimensional directional data analysis including, parametric Fisher, Watson, Kent and Bingham type analysis; non-parametric Eigen-type analysis, with tests of randomness and confidence intervals.  Good-ness of fit tests for parametric models, as well as discordancy analysis. Data can be plotted on stereographic projections, with full control over graphical appearance. Point, great circle or small-circle type data plots can be produced. Example plots.
bullet2-Dimensional data analysis, using parametric (Von Mises) or non-parametric models. Data can be graphed as rose or stick diagrams, with full control over graphical appearance. Example plots.
bullet"Inclination-only" analysis, using several published methodologies
bulletFold tests including a variety incremental unfolding tests, inclination-only fold tests, the DC fold test and the 'Means' fold test. Confidence limits based on bootstrap techniques. Graphical display of incremental unfolding and DC fold tests.
bulletMean direction calculations using combined great circle analysis
bulletReversal test
bulletElongation/inclination analysis using the field model of Tauxe & Kent, along with graphical display of results. Example plots.
bulletPalaeopoles, VGP latitude and Sun compass calculations. Any latitude/longitude locations (& VGP's) can be plotted on 17 types of map projections, with full control of viewing and clipping conditions. Example plots.
bulletField and bedding corrections using the AGICO universal system, which is adaptable to all common situations. Calculations are reversible.
bulletData synthesis and modeling according to various parametric models
bulletAll graphical displays can be exported in a variety of portable formats (WMF, EMF, BMP, PS, EPS) or saved to disk for later viewing. Full control over font types, and graphical elements. Example plots.
bulletExtensive help system and tutorials, with large variety of testdata and example files, along with example plot types.
bulletExtensively tested against published algorithms and results- the results of which are distributed with the program.
bulletWorks under 32-bit windows (NT/95/98/ 2000/ XP/ Vista)- self installing software, with extensive help. Written by Mark W Hounslow
Major Changes from Version 3.2

The introduction of the extensive and flexible graphical display of data and results, along with exporting of plots is the major change. Minor changes are introduction of the Kent statistics, improvement of fold test stability, and new DC fold test along with the recent Elongation-inclination analysis. 

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The above shows the main window the program with the data file in the bottom left hand pane, and the directional data in the bottom right hand pane. The top pane displays the results from a Fisher mean calculation. The two small floating windows are the data group selection toolbar and the "Tools" toolbar with the various operations possible on this data.

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This shows the various settings from the Steareonet Frame options page, which control the style, of the stereonet drawn. Other tabs control the marker properties, Rose/Stick diagram, and map projection properties.

Download the software for free

 This is a fully functioning program. If you use this program in any form and material is published/reported from it please acknowledge the use of the program.

Known Bugs and fixes in version 4.2

This zip file (7 Mb in size)which should be first unzipped in a temporary directory. Clicking on setup.exe will install the program. Read the info on program initial installation, which will explain how to install the program. The installation serial number is contained within the [..] in the zip file name. If the download scrambles the number have a look at this page again for it.

If you have a problem looking at the help file with the program when using Windows Vista. Load the this update from Microsoft, which will install the missing help-file viewer.

Last Update: 23/09/2011

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