Transitions in practice: climate change and everyday life


Elizabeth Shove ESRC climate change leadership fellowship

Talks and presentations

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May 18th, Galway Keynote presentation for the Consensus project international conference on sustainable consumption, Transitions in practice
March 27th, Southampton BSA climate change study group conference: 'Methods of studying social practice and climate change'
January 19th, Paris Energy and Social Practices, invited presentation, LATTS
November 17th, London ‘Social Practice and Energy Demand’ at Energy Efficiency in the Built Environment – a business opportunity, introduced by Chris Huhne, organised by Arup Global Research/LTN, London.
November 6-8th, Hamburg ‘Sustainable Practices: Beyond the ABC’, keynote presentation, Sustainable Consumption – Towards Action and Impact,
October 4th, Carelton, Ottawa Smart Grids, invited round table presentation and workshop
September 20th, Oxford ‘'Practices, Intermediary Devices and Energy Consumption - Identifying the missing pieces’, opening keynote presentation at Energy and People: Futures, complexity and challenges,
September 9th, Geneva European Sociological Association Conference, "Climate change and the tiny details of everyday life'
June 23rd, Newcastle Behaviour and the Environment
June 15th-17th, Darmstadt The weather inside and out: a discussion of diversity and convergence in city climates
May 5th, Nottingham The material culture of room temperature
April 27th-29th, Helsinki 'Transitions in Practice: Implications for Sustainable Consumption’, keynote speaker and public lecture, Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, Social science and sustainable consumption, .
April 7th. London British Sociological Association Annual Conference: the social change climate change working party process.
December 9th. Video linked lecture to Wellington, New Zealand, "Degrees of possibility: igniting social knowledge around climate change"
December 3rd, London Invited lecture for the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers
November 29th, Lisbon Plenary lecture at the Institute of Social Sciences, Lisbon
November 5th, Sheffield Invited lecture on theories of practice and questions of circulation, diffusion and reproduction, Department of Geography.
September 22nd, Stockholm Plenary lecture: environmental social science and research policy, for Formas
September 9th, Cardiff Energy and Everyday Life, invited lecture
September 1st, Trento EASST, Tracking 22 degrees C.
August 26-29th Tokyo 4S presentation, Scope, scale and processes of socio-technical change:
    June 3-4th, Rotterdam   Plenary contribution and presentation, Final Conference Knowledge Network
on System Innovations and Transitions, Ideas of innovation and practice
June 1 - 3, Eindhoven Energy transitions meeting
    April 27th, Brussels,   Beyond the ABC - climate change and transitions in policy and in practices, seminar for STS group, Free University of Brussels  
February 8th, London, BSA presidential debate on climate change

How to put society into climate change

podcast discussion with Allison Hui
for a web cast of the talk  
    February 3rd, Cambridge, Department of Architecture   Systems, transitions and indoor climates  
    December 16th, Lancaster   Ethnographies of cycling - commentary  
November 19th Woman's hour - interviewd on energy use, line drying and tumble drying
October 23rd, London DECC Behaviour Change workshop
October 18th, Maastricht Key note presentation, first European conference on Energy Efficiency and Behaviour
October 11th, London DEFRA sustainable lifestyles 2030
October 6th, Manchester Changing food habits, Sustainable Consumption Institute
    RGS conference, Manchester, 26 August 2009   Seasoning space: a discussion of delegation, transition and transformation  
    LATTS conference on cities and energy transitions, 1st June 2009, Autun, France   Refrigerating cities: transitions in urban cooling (with Gordon Walker)  
    Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, 15 May 2009   Beyond the ABC: climate change and transitions in practice  
    University of Santa Cruz, 13 May 2009   Sweat and cool  
    University of Santa Cruz, 12 May 2009   Comfort, Cleanliness and Convenience  
University of Salford, 7th May 2009 Transitions in cooling (with Gordon Walker)
Kingston University, 22 April 2009 Beyond the green consumer
    University of Wageningen, the Netherlands, 16 April 2009   Transitions in practice  
    Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Remaking Suburbia, 12th March 2009   Remaking suburbia  
    Swinburne University, international symposium on housing theory, 5th March 2009   Theories of consumption, sustainability and housing  
ABC national radio interview By design: on climate change and cleanliness
ABC national radio interview Life matters: on remaking suburbia
    Australian National University, 'Distinguished Professor Lecture' 2nd March 2009   Climate change and everyday life  
    University of Western Sydney, 26th February 2009   Cooling and comfort  
    Swinburne University, 19th February 2009   Transitions in practice: climate change and everyday life  
    Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology,18 February 2009.   Habits and their creatures  
    ESRC public policy seminar, "how people use and misuse buildings", RIBA, 26th January 2009.




In this presentation I respond to the seminar brief and take issue with the idea that people misuse buildings. I focus again on changes in indoor climate to illustrate these points.

Notes, powerpoint presentation and ESRC briefing paper

    "Les enjeux de la consommation durable", Sciences Po, Paris 15th and 16th January 2009  

Transitions in practice: reconceptualising consumption and sustainability.

This presentation takes seriously the proposition that patterns of consumption are usefully understood as outcomes of practice, and that key questions for debates about sustainability consequently have to do with transitions in what people take to be normal and ordinary ways of life. In linking concepts from innovation studies and theories of transition to those of consumption and practice I develop a framework that challenges more familiar representations of individual consumers and their motivations. In the process I reflect on the possibilities and problems of moving public policy beyond interventions focused on the ABC of attitudes, behaviour and choice.

One page abstract and powerpoint presentation.

    Departmental Seminar, School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research, University of Kent, December 2008   In this talk I reflect on the types of concepts and paradigms of social change that are, and are not, picked up and adopted in environmental policy. powerpoint presentation  
    Social formation of habits, Manchester Sustainable Consumption Institute, November 2008   In this presentation, to a workshop organised by Professor Alan Warde and Dale Southerton, at Manchester University, I took the chance to think about the concept of 'habit' in relation to sustainable practice. powerpoint presentation  
    Perspectives on Sustainability in Everyday practice, University of Surrey, November 2008


In this presentation I reflect on the limitations of policy approaches to the ABC of attitudes, behaviour and choice. Other theories of social change are required to capture transitions in ordinary mobility, comfort and the use of water in the garden and the bathroom. Abstract and powerpoint presentation


International colloquium on 'ville et environnement', Paris PIRVE October 2008



In this talk I explore ways of conceptualising and investigating transitions in practice, concentrating especially on transitions that matter for climate change and sustainability. Here are my notes on 'urban environments and sustainability: thinking about transitions in practice' and associated powerpoint presentation