I graduated from Lancaster University in 2017 with an MSci in Mathematics.

After my degree I began working at Computershare Loan Services, a mortgage servicer, within the analytics department. Throughout my job I mainly focused on the development and maintenance of statistical models that supported capital and impairment calculations. These models use a combination of elements such as logistic regression, scorecard models and survival analysis.

Though I had done a few statistics modules in my degree, it was the statistics in my job which got me interested in returning to university to increase my knowledge and this lead me to finding out about STOR-i.

Personal Interests

I really enjoy travelling and have been on group trips (though by myself with strangers of a similar age) visiting multiple places within the US and Canada. Pandemic dependent, I have hopes to visit the Canadian Rockies in the short gap between the MRes year and beginning the PhD.

I also like to attend spin class, so much so that over lockdown I went halves on quite a fancy spin bike with my parents. Unfortunately, while I am living in Lancaster, my parents have sole custody of the spin bike and I only get visitation during holidays.