A foodie, a Bayesian, a puzzle-lover, love travelling, films and musicals.
  • Studied both Economics and Statistics during undergrad, and then found out my true love is, obviously, Stats.
  • Personally think I am good at coding, although my code looks very ugly 🙂
  • Love Bayesian, although I am a frequentist now. (Oh I start to do Bayesian work now!
  • Managing my own account on a Chinese social media and have 800+ followers 🙂 Hope I can have more than 1000 subscribers in the future (update: Yeah! Over 1000 now!).
  • Join STOR-i in 2020. I really love STOR-i.
  • After my PhD (assume I can obtain the doctoral degree), I would like to pursue a degree in Film Studies or learn how to be a food critic.