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ESF COSLAB Network Conference
10-17 September 2004, Ambleside, the Lake District ( UK)

Lancaster University

Scientific Committee:
Anne Davis (Cambridge, UK)
Ana Achucarro (Leiden, The Netherlands)
Tom Girard (Lisboa, Portugal)
Tom Kibble (Imperial College, UK)
George Pickett (Lancaster, UK)
Arttu Rajantie (Cambridge, UK)
Grigory Volovik (Helsinki, Finland)

Local Committee:
George Pickett,
Ian Bradley,
Anne Davis,
Shaun Fisher,
Tony Guénault,
Richard Haley,
Peter McClintock

Conference Contact:  

The Ambleside Meeting is one of a regular series of meetings organized by the programme. The meeting has substantial support from the European Science Foundation, and other sponsorship is being sought.


The meeting will be held at St Martins College Ambleside campus in the English Lake District. Ambleside is hidden by trees at the near end of the lake in the picture above. The format be that of a study conference with sessions in the mornings and evenings leaving the afternoons free for participants to walk, boat and otherwise enjoy the surrounding countryside.


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